Red pedals for MTB bike.

My first review on this site. Well, let's go!)
Photos of course not much, but the traffic is big)
It all started when I bought a bike in May, he had plastic pedals that, after a month of active skiing, came to a complete lack of fitness.

I decided to look for aluminum pedals to changeold lounging!) These pedals were found. The main criterion for the search was the appearance (ask - what's the difference?) Well, because they are reds!)) I have a Specialized Hardrock 2012 bike
My bike

I decided to make red inserts for a better visual state. Okay, back to the review pedalek.
Were ordered June 26, 2012 Under the spoiler, detail track numbers.

Came safe and sound.
Were packed in cardboard, on top of the cardboard there was an adhesive tape. The box itself wasn’t taken into account, sorry.
The pedals themselves were packed in the original packaging: Caring Chinese.

Next, open the package and see: O Miracle, red pedals!)

Looks quite good and high quality, signed where the right and left pedal (Letters L and R) There are also white inserts (I hope they will not be erased with time) Model name: Kc007.

The photographs show: that the rubber seals are lubricated - Green-yellow. It did not save).
Also, the pedals are screwed to the rods not with a key for 14, but with a hexagon
Of the benefits, the pedals are fairly light (in the description of the seller the weight is written: 287g)
Dimensions: In length 9.00 cm wide 8.00 pedal thickness 2.00 cm
There are removable spikes.
And I certainly hope that there are industrial bearings (I will not conduct an autopsy yet)
Made from a single piece of aluminum 6061.
No cons yet.
How to test accomplish your goal)
If my memory serves me, I saw these pedals on taobao for a more attractive price.
I can not remove the old pedals - because all the keys for 14 parted (began to smile). Waiting for a friend with the rules key
Well, perhaps all. Sorry for spelling errors and incorrectly placed commas. The review was written in a short time, it could have written more extensively, but due to lack of time (work) I decided to stop at this option. Thanks to everyone for watching, I hope I helped with something.
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