Sneakers (or sneakers)

Youth sneakers (or sneakers) which are now fashionable to wear bare foot.
The seller has two colors of sneakers: black and red. I have black, ordered 44 size. It is not clear why, but it is this color in this size that costs $ 14, all the others cost $ 22. Strange, but oh well. More interesting - a different model was sent to me) Similar, but different. Okay, let's see what the sent model is.

Inscription Fashion, where without it

There are laces, but they are clearly superfluous here. I still understand the model in the picture of the store, there are some strings, but here ... You can of course pull them out, but such holes will remain

Top of canvas, as far as I can tell. Decorative seam along the entire length of the sock.

The sole is very soft, well springs.

Inside - on the heel there is some stitched reinforcement, then just the sole goes

The insole is very thin, every time when pulling out it is crumpled and climbs, enrages. I think to stick it

Fitting. I did not have such a plan for shoes, I wear ordinary classic sneakers and ordinary sneakers. And, naturally, with socks.
Like - unusual. Leg breathes, canvas good contributes to this. In general, the sensations are quite interesting, in the summer in the heat this model I think will be in demand more than my sneakers.

About the size. The size was ordered, as already noted at the beginning, 44. The size is 43 Russian, the foot size is 27.5 cm. It feels like a bit cramped, it’s for sure. Barefoot seems to get used to and distribute a little, but it would be better to take 45 size (which is not). On foot 27 cm - will be perfect.

I could complain about the inconsistency of the model,arguing about the minuses, and so on - but I sin to complain, because essentially got free then (with a significant discount), so I did not open the argument - sneakers are sneakers. Interestingly, does he send the wrong model to everybody when ordering?) His rating is not very good.