Lace Dress for Doll

It has long been looking for Ali beautiful clothes for my doll bjd Minifee 1/4 (41 cm). But the price did not suit me, for it was expensive. And now, after almost half a year, I still decided to choose her beautiful expensive dress.
So, the parcel went 10 days. The dress and its accessories were packed in a resealable bag and the usual yellow envelope:

The kit includes a dress (27 cm), mesh petticoats, lace sleeves, a wreath and something between a necklace and a choker.

Petticoat with elastic, made of a dense white mesh, so it keeps its shape and copes with its function. The seam is located behind and almost imperceptible.

On the inside, everything is as neat as the outside. All seams are flat, no thread sticking anywhere. Pictured seam on the inside:

Now let's go to the dress itself.
The dress is very magnificent, with a mass of details, laces and ornaments. Like a petticoat, the dress is very neat:

The bodice and “corset” are decorated with laces, ribbons,beads and flower. On the lace straps decorations are made of thin gilded metal and beads. The flower in the center of the bodice is slightly wrinkled during transport. By the way, the flowers are made of a material that looks like thick paper. But they look very natural:

Behind a long thin flypaper:

From the inside, it looks very neat:

Now consider the layers of the skirt.
The uppermost layer is made of dense material, the same as the corset (due to which it seems that the corset and the upper part of the skirt are one detail). Also, this part of the skirt can be raised:

Under it is a longer mesh fabric with black and white embroidery across the surface. Along the edge is white lace. This part of the skirt can also be raised:

Under it is a shorter mesh skirt with large lace around the perimeter. And it can be raised:

Now you can see the main skirt, made of material similar to satin. Along the edge - 3 “steps” of mesh ryushes with lace and pearls. All of them are sewn together, but they can be slightly raised:

Inside the skirt looks like this:

There is also a small tag, on which the QR code, the company and the country of origin:

Now the sleeves. They are made of thin lace material with ruffles and lace. The sleeves stretch a bit. On the one hand there is a rubber band so that they do not fall from the hands of the doll:

Necklace - a small lace with hook and hookpendant. A glass "diamond" is inserted from the inside of the pendant, and a gold-plated case closes it from the outside. Smooth it all very gently and beautifully.

The last detail is the wreath. This is a collection of white and beige double lace, decorated with paper flowers and beads. Ribbons sewn to the edges:

Now fitting. As already mentioned, the model is a 41 cm tall doll:

And Rena is fully dressed:

A small photo session on the street:

In conclusion, I want to say that I did not regret buying it at all. High price is justified by product quality and detail
My assistant