Kurhn Doll

Hello. In this review, I will talk about the doll Kurhn, bought on Ali.
The product went 15 days, all the time tracked. The doll was wrapped in a bag and a pimply film.

The doll came intact. The head was slightly dented, but it can be straightened, heated by a hair dryer.
The doll itself is the original 2014 Kurhn, in her shoes, naked, as indicated by the seller. Height -28 cm

Two strands were sewn to the temples of the doll, and on the back of the head were fixing the doll to the box.
The hair in the package was wrung and a little tangled. It is necessary to comb very carefully, because part of the hair remains on the comb.

The body is articulated, very neat and beautiful. Plastic tight and pleasant to the touch.
Comparison with Barbie made to move:

Also, the head of the doll is slightly lighter than the body, but it is not striking. The following photos show the mobility of the doll:

Feet and hands neat and detailed:

Hinges too neat, not very tight, but not loose. Plastic joints are much less noticeable than some modern Barbies:

Legs in the hips, to my surprise, with elastic bands:

Shoes pink, with a small heel:

Head made of soft rubber, slightly glistening. Makeup gentle, in purple colors. Pink cheeks on her cheeks, pink lips, calm look, with a slight smile:

The head turns around its axis, leans slightly forward, backward and sideways

Hair volume, beautiful sparkle in the light, but tougher than, for example, Barbie. Quickly confused because of curled locks:

Parting often stitched:

However, the rest of the hair is not very thick:

Shoes do not fit all. For example, Barbie shoes came up, but sneakers from standard Barbie are small. A sneakers from lush Barbie just:

Obitsu shoes fit perfectly:

And this is what a doll in a short dress looks like:

But, in my opinion, this image is not very suitable for her. Therefore, I slaughtered her temporal locks from behind and wore a lush beige dress and native shoes:

The result was such a tender Goldilocks:

I have it all. In the end I want to say that the purchase is very pleased. For a small price and 2 weeks, I received the original Kurhn hinge in almost perfect condition.
P.S. Well, according to tradition - Chiffonier