Cult denim clothing. Vest.

Good day to all!
On the review, FINALLY, the one that has come down is my denim vest.
The vest goes well with any denim and not ... things - jeans, shorts, skirt;
complements the image so in my opinion, necessary in the wardrobe.
Having received a long-awaited package, having revealed, I was disappointed - the color was significantly different from the one stated. I-

I planned to wear blue under my clothes, but came light-blue denim.

The rest of the acquisition pleased. My size is 46-48, but due to the fact that I am a tall girl, the standard size does not fit me, I took the size XXL

but the length of the product turned out to be shorter, not critical 2 cm, but still - 51 were declared, in fact 49 cm.
Sewed qualitatively, the lines are even, nothing sticks out anywhere (the fringe doesn’t count, so it’s intended :)),
Jeans tight, does not stretch - and that's good.

The loops are not pierced, but this vest is not intended to “warm up”; you do not need to zip it up. This nuance is insignificant.

And it looks really good.

... a little how to care for a thing, suddenly someone come in handy
- before washing clothes must be turned inside out.
- Do not wash with powders that contain bleach.
- If possible, wash by hand, if it is not possible, then in the car in a sparing mode.
- it is better not to squeeze denim products, but let the water flow by yourself.