jacket for a tourist or a hunter, and maybe even for a fisherman! ))

Good day.
Behind the number four, autumn tourist jacket
To stay on the street in bad weather, a jacket was purchased, acquired by accident, just like the look.
I went 29 days, for a time out of the way the dog, ugh, the jacket had time to fall in price by 5 bucks. In the process of reviewing I use my seller’s photos, as they fully comply.

Took 3XL maximum size, the seller beforeI contacted me by sending and clarified that ches 132cm, if it suits me. And as he looked into the water, I was a little small, well, so a good thing there is always someone to give.
the main thing: the jacket is completely satisfied, it has been tested in the shower, the water just rolls down in drops, it is not even visible that we were drenching.
The jacket is quite thin top material to the touchIt resembles a rough rubber or soft plastic, inside a “fleece pile” is about 0.5 mm. At the same time it is very warm, with a sweatshirt or a sweater it can easily be worn in negative weather, I think. Stitched qualitatively, no problems identified. I liked the little things like a visor on the hood. Under the arms of the zipper, you can unzip it if it's hot. Velcro on sleeves for emblems, two different ones in the set.


the details

Total: I recommend to buy.