Jacket-jacket from the Chinese or what not to buy)

The review about the jacket turned out to be not male at all, as the name said, but female.
My husband has been looking for a leather jacket. But since we do not find such people in the daytime with fire, he decided to order from the Chinese (later turned out to be an unarienable cheater). Especially since in the photo she looked quite presentable. The order was made on October 5, the color chosen is gray (gray); the size picked up with a margin of - L, although it wears Mcu (a safety net for their microscopic dimensions).

In the end, after about a month, I went forShe was sent to the post office, and after receiving a square packer 3 cm thick, I was afraid that there was a leather-dermontine men's jacket there, and not a light T-shirt. Having opened the bag, I gasped - the color was not just not the one that was calculated on (pretty brutal, shabby gray like in the photo), it was indescribable, just the color and the name could not be chosen. The color of some very light milk chocolate ... Very feminine tender color. I unwrapped the jacket and there was no limit to my defeat - a very thin “skin”, a very thin jacket, just square shapeless tailoring, sleeves that were the same length as the short jacket itself, five cm shorter than necessary by the proportions of the jacket, and the main size is about S with a little ... In general, this is what came:

When he saw her, in fact, her master, - heLong neighing. He neighing, presenting the man to whom such a jacket was sewn. But not a bit upset, saying that he would buy another one, but already in the company store.
But I did not give up and throwthe unfortunate kuretz as an unnecessary rag on the shelf, added a few sleeves, slightly stitched the sides to a narrowing down, hemmed the fur lining and turned out pretty good. Now this is my jacket) One of them) And the seller received what he deserved, and on the fear that a rather unflattering review would appear on his reputation, he paid me back some of the money. But who would not say what can, that I wear a men's jacket, I like it and I am very comfortable and warm in it (became)))

But who can not sew - I advise you not to take)