Jacket with heated Xiaomi 90FUN Stylish Hooded Down Jacket. Price $ 106.99

Many already know that a heated jacket is being made on behalf of Xiaomi.
But at the moment this jacket is sold in few places. And in one of their stores, it went on sale, and even at the lowest price. 106.99 $ + free shipping.
Product information:
The heating which are built in outerwearcells are powered by external batteries. Naturally, the entire heating system can be pulled out of the jacket and washed. The jacket is made of durable material impermeable to moisture and looks like a park. So, once in it, even under heavy rain, you can not only stay dry, but also warm up.

Outside Xiaomi 90 Points Hot TemperatureControl Down Jacket is made of polyester and has a special lyophobic impregnation that does not let moisture in (compliant with IPX7). Jacket filler is 90% natural goose down, which retains heat well.
The work of the heating apparatus is carried out thanks toconnected Power Bank. So a full charge of an external battery of 10,000 mAh can last for 7-11 hours of continuous operation of the heating device.

Heating is made possible byspecial nanotubes made of carbon material. To activate it, simply press the button located near the right outside pocket.
The degree of heating can be adjusted: in total there are three modes. Temperature variation is possible, which can be no more than 5 degrees.

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