Li-Ning ARBM115 summer sneakers after season socks

Sneakers were bought last year 11.11. Came, liked, decided to write a review. Since it seemed illogical to talk about things without bothering them, I decided to write socks after a month. Month turned into two, two - in the season. So next November sale is just around the corner, there is no place to put it off :) In short - the sneakers turned out to be perhaps the best thing that has happened to my feet over the past few summer seasons. Comfortable, lightweight, breathable. Minus - Marky.

Now the store has only one color and delivery option in the box.
They came in the usual mail package.
Color chosen under jeans. Although he wore summer with light trousers — brown and light beige — matched well.

My foot length is 28.3 cm. Seller recommended 11th size. The insole length is 28.4 cm. There is a bit of space in the toe of the shoe that is not covered by the insole. In general, from the thumb to the edge of the shoe, millimeters 4-5 remain free. I feel fine, I don’t like it when my shoes fit on my feet. The insole for measurements had to literally rip out - it is glued, but it does not move during walking. The inscription on the insole was erased pretty quickly.

The top is made of fabric that easily passesair. I even got the impression that the material of the top is not woven, but rather knitted. In any case, almost the entire surface of the shoe is breathable, the air flow is felt, even if you just wave your leg. Inside lined with a thin black fabric, which also does not interfere with the air flow.

The heel is reinforced with a stiff inset. Somewhere in the middle of the season I was too lazy to tie and untie the sneakers, and I began to take them off and put them on, tied, did not use the spatula, the heels of the sneakers kept up my barbarism normally, no ruffles were visible. On the outside, on the heel there is a insert with a brand applied, it is made of a material that probably should symbolize the skin. I consider this insert the only unfortunate decision of the designer.

Laces are ordinary, matched to the overall colorgamma. Have a weak tendency to unauthorized unleashing. When I began to wear sneakers, without unleashing to take off / put on, the laces were untied about once a week. Lace holes are trimmed around the perimeter.
The tongue is made of mesh material, a strap is sewn to it with an embroidered name and the manufacturer's logo.

The sole is made of foam, when walking is nicesprings, well absorbs load. It is securely glued to the top, there were no cracks and did not appear in the process of socks. There is no solid rubber lining at the bottom, the main part of the tread is cut right in the skin, there are rubber inserts on the heel and toe. It is clear that the manufacturer put the rubber inserts in places that are primarily subject to wear, but I still find this solution controversial - everyone’s walk is different and it’s impossible to guess how the sole of each particular user will wear out.
The sole is glued well, without gaps and traces of glue.

Sneakers are sitting very nicely on their feet - they sitcomfortable, almost not felt. When walking on foot, it feels like a light breeze, the foot does not sweat at all. The convenience of the sneakers in my case, one might say, played a cruel joke with them - I usually wear summer sneakers from May to the second half of June, then turn on sandals until around September; I wore these from the beginning of May to August (they were not hot at all) and in early September I again changed my sandals for sneakers.
Mode of wear, you can say, moderate - on footabout 2 kilometers a day (mostly sitting in the office), sometimes it turns out to be 5-7 km. But the gait but not sparing - usually the heels start to wear off very quickly.
So, what happened for the season? The top of the sneakers has not changed much - no signs of wear are visible. Inside, the inscription on the insole was erased, and in the first month socks.

On the sole the wear is quite noticeable - on the “barePenke ”completely erased the fine pattern; Rubber pads in the places of the main “application of efforts” also became almost smooth, but the smoothing of the tread pattern did not affect the adhesion to the surface, and the thickness of the rubber is likely to be enough for another two seasons. So, I think they have to live for three seasons (and only Camel Active oak moccasins have lived longer), the fourth one is possible, but there is no 100% certainty.

As I wrote above, the sneakers are pretty brandy. In the past, washing sneakers for me was something that happens to others, the same pair had to be washed twice a season; well, if in a good way, it was worth it more often. For myself, at the end of the season, I realized that it was necessary to shake them a couple of times a week so that the dust did not stick into the fabric and wipe the sides of the sole with a damp cloth, then a decent look would last longer.
Instead of concluding: That turned out to be a barrel of honey with a small fly in the ointment. Of all the sneakers that I had, 100% original were a few pairs of adidas, geox, kappa, kemel asset - and so, I can not say that these are worse in quality.
If anyone thinks of discounts to buy shoes for next summer, pay attention to this model is worth.