I do not stop wondering how many styles and "perversions" for every taste there is in ALI. About this miracle, my review. I ask under the cat
I'll say right away - I am a man unformatted, metal womenin the shower and in clothes. I adhere to moto style, moto life and moto moto) But without a mat) Having fumbled on this miracle, without hesitation, I pressed the Buy NOW button, on October 5 the order was sent, received in a month. The box was test pokotsana))) It is clear that the bots went through hell) Pretty heavy by weight.

well stitched
well taped
there are durable rubber prints
comfortable despite the great height of the platform (platform-trompe l'oeil and a small bend of the foot)
durable non-wiped dermantin
riveting spikes are not glued and punched through the skin
It is convenient to walk on any slush - you will never get wet feet)
sloppy bot noses
bad rivets for laces - keep on snot
I wear for two months constantly, nowhere is nothingcracked, not torn, not rubbed, not torn off. Caps do not get off. Dimensions are the same, sitting on the leg well, nowhere nothing rubs. Even a warm thick sock breaks. Very creative metal bots - I advise everyone to understand girls.
Photo in life

Photo on foot


Kote question - "WELL HOW YOU?"