Magnetic designer puzzle ... or what to do with playful pens.

Plying through the long evenings of online shopping, most often I look in the toy section with a desire to buy something new and interesting for my child.
Of course, all the toys are good, but I support the opinion that the designers develop thinking in children, I consider them “useful”, therefore I throw them in the basket more often than other toys.

Today I want to share my impressions of the purchase of the next designer. In short, I recommend, but not before 5 years.
So, the magnetic constructor or as it is often called - magnetic puzzles.
This designer was bought at the dawn of my online shopping. Now the seller no longer has it, so I give a link to the same, but from another seller. Its price at the time of purchase was $ 19.85.
Came about a month later, the seller was in no hurry withBy sending, after the third reminder on the 8th day, I sent the parcel. He came in a transparent thin plastic case, the lid of which was safely broken in the first few days. There are no complaints to the designer himself - the quality of plastic is quite acceptable, and most importantly, odorless.
The magnetic designer is a set of 140 sticks of 4 flowers and 90 steel nickel-plated balls.

In the description of the designer it was written that neodymium magnets are inserted into the cavity of the sticks.
I read that neodymium magnets are much more powerful than simple ferrite magnets and magnets from other alloys.
Whether they really are neodymium, I don’t know, but the magnetic force of the wand is large enough - one wand holds several balls.
Details are connected in all planes and at any angle.

This designer can be an assistant in the development of three-dimensional imagination in a child, geometric skills and will undoubtedly contribute to the development of fine motor skills.
All the figures below are constructed by a 5-year-old child without the help of adults. (so please do not judge strictly)
Of course, I had to promise him a new toy if he would help his mother with a photo session for review)
You can build these pyramids.

Figures can be both simple flat and three-dimensional volumetric.
Details are interconnected very firmly - the pyramid can be built in hands, without fear that it will crumble.

Boys and girls tend to invent, build, construct, disassemble, consider - this designer has a huge scope for imagination.
You can create many more figures - a cube, a ball, a spider, an architectural structure, etc. We are thinking of buying one more to increase the number of parts.
I wanted to fold the cat out of the designer, but my combinatorial abilities were only enough for this.

Thank you all for your attention!