MARKERS (easily washable)

This review is rather a small addition to the review.

Markers of this type (if anyone knows) alsocan write, like all markers on virtually any surface. The difference in them is that the labels made by them are easily erased (as opposed to markers on solvents). Of course, if the surface is not porous and not soaked - like paper.

It is very convenient, both at home (to make reminders for yourself or for family members), and at work. Vobschem partially replaces the notebook for records. This was written in the review with the "board".
And for children, it is also a good entertainment, they can even be allowed to draw, say on the tile)) Everything is erased even with a dry cloth. And if the rag is wet - even a trace will not remain! ))

True, with the order of these markers, I got a not very pleasant story:
Additional Information

By the way, if not a hitch in the mail, thenProd generally well done! If we take into account that the markers are not so fragile, they are still in a tight box, the seller has also built a cardboard box for shipping !!! Glass few of them packs like that! )))

in the last review the question was asked - “Where can I get such markers?” If it is not possible to purchase them in stationary goods, then this is an option)
Price: $ 7.16 is for 10 pieces
Good luck!