Mask of Guy Fawkes, Anonymus, Vendetta or simply Mask V

Hello dear friends!
I want to tell you about Guy Fawkes mask. Reviews of this mask have already been here, here and here. But mine is a bit different from them. Who cares, welcome:
This mask differs from those presented above in thickness and workmanship. Ordered from this seller 10pcs. ordinary thin and one such. Also ordered another Billy doll mask from the movie "Saw".

The seller packed my order in three boxes. Two boxes with expensive masks stuck together with tape, and the third sent separately. We got completely intact (the masks themselves).

The mask itself:

Next to a thin mask:

On the face:

The mask is quite weighty - 320g. From the words of the seller - made of resin. To the question from which resin, he said that from the usual
After adjusting the gum, sitting on his face tight, not trying to crawl.
Quality liked! Masked pleased! I recommend to buy!
Price in the domestic online store 🙂
Thanks for paying attention!
UPD: I asked the seller to make a discount for MYSKU readers. For 3 days, he lowered the price for the mask to $ 26.12 a little and made a $ 20 discount on purchases from $ 200.