Mini photo report with 5 t-shirts

I will be brief and equally about all the T-shirts.
The track is tracked. Ordered about the same time, they came too. I liked the quality of the cotton. The line is flat, the threads are all in place. My height is 180cm, weight 95kg, OG 110cm, OT 103cm, all XL-sized t-shirts fit perfectly.
Deadpool with a unicorn $ 7.14

In this photo, white as white, on the rest something with a balance.

Live print looks very cool.

I do not know what this type of printing is called, but it seems to me that it cannot be washed at high temperatures, so it’s better not to drag it.

Deadpool logo $ 7.20

T-shirts with colored collar and sleeves $ 8.80

White came with a little pollution, I think it is easy to wash

Moon $ 6.76

The print is good, I think it will survive many washes.