Mini-comparison of Cobra AustriAlpine buckle belts with Ali for $ 9.5 and GyrBest for $ 7.5

These (NOT these) buckles are used in paraglider hangers. They look good and quickly unbuttoned (all of a sudden they put them in the toilet
The original AstriAlpine buckle looks like this:

It is clear that the buckles on the belts are NOT original, because the original is more expensive than the belt itself. All inscriptions about kilo-newtons should be considered only as props. No 2.4 tons they can not stand.

So, we compare 2 belts. The first (No. 1) on the link in the description was ordered for Ali for $ 9.5 Immediately after that, a sale on GirBest ran on Muska, and I ordered the second for $ 7.5 (belt No. 2) (gearbest. Com / men-s-belts/pp_1175373.html remove spaces) With a red stripe - with Ali.

Ribbon and quality rag number 1 perfectly sewn. No threads and curvature. The tape itself is thick and hard, with a piece of red thread. The texture of the tape is more interesting.
No. 2 has minor defects in the form of protruding threads. The tape is thin, much softer. I think when worn, it will wrinkle.
Their length is the same. With my height 180 and weight 80 stock 30 centimeters.
weight The difference in weight is about 50 grams (200 No. 2/250 No. 1) Basically, because of the buck, but also the tape.

Back to whats most interesting. This is the most expensive part of the belt. In the belt number 1, it is much heavier, bigger and thicker. It is made more carefully. In principle, it can even be taken as real (if you don’t know how it looks).
In the belt number 2, it is more childish, there is a gap in the buttoned state of about a couple of millimeters. Tongues, axles and all the details are more subtle. But in general, the quality is not bad. For the belt come down.
Both bucks do not unfasten, if you click on one tongue.

I would definitely advise the belt number 1 with Ali. It looks cooler, better, heavier and costs only a couple bucks more expensive.