Miniature Type-C OTG adapter (dismemberment and doping)

Another review of the OTG USB Type-C adapter -> USB-A, this time miniature and monolithic.
Price $ 0.42, delivery is free, the quality of "so-so, will go."
As always, in the title of the lot, magic letters + tsiferki USB 3.1, blue kosher plastic hints at the same (about it below). In real life we ​​get a classic USB 2.0.

For three months, rare use looks like new. Details under the cut.
This product comes in a small disposable crispy sachet (not preserved).
The appearance of the adapter:

It would seem there is nothing to break here, but out of a pair of adapters, one was defective out of the box.
The plastic crumbled around the contact from the side of the “A” nest, plus the nest itself was unevenly assembled.

If you look closely at the Type-C plug, you see a single row of contacts:

DopingWe extrude the adapter from the core and admire the crooked seam:

We move the socket frame, in the recess - the same resistor with a nominal value of 5.1KΩ:

Straighten the edges of the frame, seals and seals:

When reassembling, you have to act very carefully: this blue non-plastic falls apart in the hands.
The feeling that it is made of plaster.
Conclusion: the adapter is cheap, it works stably, it is recommended for masochists by skillful hands.
The product was purchased on its own money, the review was published on Friday before the holiday, I will not read the comments