Multipurpose bag “military bag”

Bag “figure” worth the money. In this (my) case hiking bag for binoculars.
Good evening everyone. I was looking for a bag for binoculars approximately the size of not more than 20x20x10cm. Found in the "army" tag request a lot of such "trash". But the prices are not pleased). Yes, and basically sumari were all of the same type, differing again, only in price. As a result, I stopped at this one, because of the price liability and the pleasant color of the “numbers”.

Delivery, seller, packaging.
The order was made on December 5, 2012. The seller did not write a word, and she did not appear in tracking for a month. January 16 of this year has already appeared immediately in Samara, and further on the list. I arrived at the presentation on January 20, the total journey was 41 days. She came in cellophane and a pimple with a manually written address, which was a little pleased)))
And photo.

Having unpacked, I was delighted with the perfectly matching one.color and print with what was in the photo. Many functional compartments, pockets and a good, strong, wide belt on the "crab", as promised by the picture. And just her appearance pleased with its versatility, the ability to wear not only on hikes, but also in everyday everyday life.

Details: seams, riveting, accessories, pockets.
The quality of the seams is not very pleased. On the front side, everything is fine, only on the handle on the top it is sewn crookedly, but inside the seams are not very good and the fabric is crocheted sewn. As for the fabric itself - a rigid, two-layer - the top layer is like a tarpaulin, the second layer is internal - like a thick rubber film. Waterproof, keeps tough shape. Lightning thick, reliable and inspire confidence. Rivets are well punched, tightly fastened and do not fall off. Plastic crabs seem to be nothing, but with my merciless wear, it seems to me that they can break. Pockets, various "adaptive" compartments above the roof, so you can shove everything and anywhere. There is a convenient "hole" compartment with Velcro for the belt on the pants.
Fittings, seams

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Roughly stitched pen

Pocket- "hole" for the belt on the pants

Front compartment

Side pockets

Main compartment


Width (thickness) 8cm
Belt - maximum length - 1m 15cm.
That's all, I'm completely satisfied. Quality inspires a long and stubborn "drag".
I want summeroooo !!!