My Amoi N821

Amoi cell phones are made by ChineseAmoi Mobile, which is a subsidiary of Amoi Electronics Co. Ltd. It is one of the most important manufacturers of consumer electronics in China, which in just two years won world fame.

Amoi has a complete chain of production lines, allowing for the full cycle of creating mobile phones - from design to final test.
Usb cable
A lot of paper
+ (optional)
Cover (December 5 posted on the balcony - the smell has not yet disappeared)
Adapter to our sockets

Externally, the Amoi N821 is similar to the first model (N820). The downside is that the smartphone has no corporate design and recognizable style. Plus the fact that such a design is absolutely universal and hardly anyone would not like it much.

Another plus is the ability to replace the faceless glossy white cover with a cover of any other color.

In addition, different colored silicone covers fit perfectly on the white cover.

Body materials
The front side of the smartphone is a protective layertempered glass. The glass covers the entire front of the case, including a block with touch-sensitive keys under the screen and areas above the display and on either side of it. Marked surface, but traces and prints are noticeable only at a certain angle, so I can not call it a disadvantage.

The battery cover is made of simple glossy plastic, it is stamped, traces, stains and all sorts of fat stains remain on it, but, again, because of the white color of the element, all these traces are hardly noticeable.

According to the materials used Amoi N821 can be called a simple device, here is a plastic case, a lid of glossy plastic, no chips.
In terms of size, the N821 can be called convenient, and the matter here, first of all, is not even in the diagonal of the display (4.5 ”), but in a convenient ratio of height and width of the case for a hand grab.

Amoi N821 - 131x67x10.5mm, 157 grams
In comparison with my "old man" LG P500:

The device has three touch keys below the display. These are the Menu key on the left, the Little House in the center, and the Back button on the right. Holding down the “House” key is a menu of recently launched applications, here is the key for closing all active programs.

Touch keys are comfortable, separated from each other.
Between the "House" and "Back" buttons there is a microphone (behind, near the camera, one more microphone - for noise reduction). Under the microphone - a recess for removing the back cover.
On the front side, at the top, is locatedthe earpiece, collected by the grid, below, to its left, is the eye of the front 3 MP camera, and just to the right of the camera are the light and proximity sensors.

The screen off key is located onthe top edge, as well as the headphone plug (3.5 mm) and cable connector. The volume keys are located on the left edge. Both keys noticeably protrude above the surface of the case and are perfectly pressed even blindly, the buttons are comfortable.

SIM slots are located next to the battery. Also to the right there is a compartment for a memory card.


The Amoi N821 uses a 4.5 ”IPS display with a resolution of 960 × 540 pixels. The screen has good viewing angles, there is a good margin of brightness.

The quality of the screen can be described in one word - good. The overall picture quality of the display at a high level.
The system for automatically adjusting the brightness level does not always work stably, like in almost any other device on Android, there are no other complaints about the screen.
The Amoi N821 has an 8 megapixel camera, and there is also a flash near the camera that can be used as a flashlight. Flashlight included third-party software.

A photo. The resolution 8, 5, 3, 2 MP and even lower are available for the photo (only six permissions to choose from), the choice of settings is rich.
Photo examples (reduced):

Photo from the front camera (reduced):

In the process of video recording, you can scale the image, there is a tracking autofocus.
Autonomous work
The device uses a Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 2050 mAh. The manufacturer claims the following indicators of battery life:
Standby time: 200 - 300 hours
Talk time: 3 - 4 hours
From myself: I remove the phone from charging at 6:30 (+ - 30 minutes) in the morning. Wifi almost all day, internet, music 2 hours, a couple of calls. At 0: 00-1:00 AM, 7% to 20 charges remain. In my opinion, not bad.
The smartphone is based on MTK6577 with a dual-core processor with a frequency of 1 GHz. The device has 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory for data storage. There is a slot for memory cards up to 32GB.
To test the toys I ran on the machineNeed For Speed, the game was going without any problems and slowdowns. During the game, the body of the smartphone begins to warm up, but this is normal for modern devices.
Below are the results of testing the Amoi N821 in various benchmarks.

The smartphone works in GSM and WCDMA networks.
2G: GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz
3G: WCDMA 850 / 2100MHz
Built-in Bluetooth 3.0 module
Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n. With the Wi-Fi module, there are no problems, it works correctly, it does not lose the network.
The smartphone has a GPS chip with support for A-GPS technology. It works correctly. I used on my Yandex machine.

I used the Amoi n821 smartphone a little moremonth, during this time no complaints about the quality of signal reception has arisen. The volume of the conversational dynamics in the N821 is medium, the vibrating alert is also medium, I can’t say that it is weak, but you can’t call it powerful either.
Good screen
Powerful stuffing (for my needs)
Low price
Creaks back cover (treated with paper tape)
Well, once a tradition ...