Men's sandals

A small recall of summer sandals after use all summer.
About the size. I chose size 10 for a foot length of 27.5 cm. The length of the sandal itself on the sole is 29.5 cm. It came up just fine, although 270 millimeters, as I understand it, are written on the size grid and on the sole of the shoe. Even a little There are three color options:

I got black. Stated:
Upper Material: Genuine Leather
Sandal Type: Classic
Outsole Material: Thermopolyurethane
Insole Material: Polyurethane
Lining Material: Polyurethane

Stitched like a good, but only the cow skin on the skin as it is not very similar. On the look and feel of the usual cheap substitute.
The sole is ribbed - it promises us to be, this is in principle the case, until the foot becomes wet and does not begin to slide along the sole.
the strap that holds the heel is not adjustable and notremoved, it is on rivets, and the strap itself on an elastic band. The gum quickly became loose and began to fall off the heel on one foot. And nothing can be done about it - no, as usually happens with other models, such as a strap with tick marks. And you do not pull up, just disassemble, take it in. Remove the riveting or unpick what covers the gum

But you can do it like this, and get the usual sneakers.

Lining - polyurethane. Discomfort does not cause, nowhere rubbing and callosity is not formed.

Sole - thermopolyurethane. Moderately soft, not oak.

Photo on foot:

The appearance of the sandals on the fan, although the appearance ofThey are quite classic and in such stores is full. I don’t like the color, what this bright line is for — they would have already made completely black, or completely brown. And so - neither there nor here.
It turned out to take in the summer at a discount, so I decidedtry, the more promised was the skin, although to be honest and did not expect it to be. For the full price, I would never have taken it, and it is possible to find a suitable one at an offline price. The only thing I liked about them - do not rub. I have a few summer slaps / sandals - and all of them after a while begin to rub to corns in some place, and each shoe rubs in a different, unique place. There is no such thing in them, therefore, actually, all the summer passed in them. But, as mentioned above, it is not without problems - a slippery insole, the strap is not adjustable, the skin is not real. I walked in the water until they fell apart. And now wearing them, he remembered - they creak. Just hell creak when walking. This is probably all.