Men's wallet

I’ve been looking after my wallet for a long time, I stumbled upon it and immediately ordered it, using a coupon and it turned out 20.97. I thought it would be my best purchase, but ...
but as they say in fairy tales, it was not there ...
He came here in such a package, which resembles some kind of army wallet, later I found a printed coupon for $ 5 inside this package.

Workmanship is good.
Here are pictures of the wallet itself, its size is larger than any standard one.

Comparison with an old wallet

I basically was very happy with my purchase, but fromHe had a terrible smell that I thought was going to erode, but a month after the purchase it became clear that he had not. The smell is such that my head starts to hurt when I teach it. As a result, I had to walk again with the old one, and this one will most likely be given to someone else.
By the way, on the pics, the look of him is much shabby,This is a consequence of how I tried to get rid of this smell in various ways, when he came in he looked like in the picture. I soaked it in tablets with active oxygen, in alcohol, it was frozen in the freezer, but the smell could not be removed, I am very sorry that such a super thing would not serve me ...
p.s: here is a link to this wallet, right now it is not on sale