PU men's belt

The leather belt for my workwear is completely worn out and I decided to find out what this PU is, especially for a belt there was a 10% discount. What came of it ...
The belt arrived quite quickly and was received less than a month after payment.

The seller all amazingly packed and apparently poke a deodorant with the smell of good skin.

The belt looks very beautiful, the metal buckle, but on the inside there was a small and sharp burr that had to be removed.
A logo of a well-known brand appeared on the belt, I think the design was also taken from it. True, the manufacturers modestly changed the first letter, which reminded me of Abibas sneakers.
Buckle also with extruded brand.
It would seem that if everything is so wonderful, why do we need leather belts, but ...
The top layer is very thin and gentle, and after a week of socks began to bully.
I do not recommend this product for purchase.
PS: I wear a belt for more than a month, it is being rubbed off slowly, but it does not lose functionality. Good quality for leatherette.