lure set with aliexpress

Hello! Somehow looking for a spinning reel, accidentally stumbled upon this set, and without thinking twice, I decided to order. Did not lose!
A little photo and description under the cut.
At the time of ordering, the cost was 30 dollars with free shipping by China post, yesterday after my positive feedback to the seller, the delivery was 11.54 dollars in a magical way !!!!))))))

The order was made on 16.08.2012 and the next day the seller issued a track code: RA241985985CN. 09/12/2012 I held the parcel in my hands, in principle, 23 days from the moment I arrived at the post office, this is very fast for my region, basically I always had to wait more than a month.
The set was wrapped with three layers of pimples, and wrapped with adhesive tape. there were no traces of penetration, all safe and sound. Immediately I apologize for the quality of the photo, I did it on my old N73))

something like printing a package got to the set)))

Workmanship of bles, wobblers andthe rest of the little things I would rate as excellent! There are no ebbs, everything is qualitatively colored, the eyes are glued exactly, the tees spring, they do not bend. Some spinners glow in the dark. There is a slight difference with the photo in the store, by picking and color. Each bait is packed in a separate bag. Also in the set there are various loops, rings, leashes, spare tees, carbines, partial loads, tails, eyes (apparently for those two bare orange orange fish), hooks, and another trifle. The box is solidly made, rigid, it is possible to add, remove sections inside, there are spare sections at the bottom of the box. latch reliable. The total weight of the set is 850 grams. Next weekend I plan to try the whole thing on the hangar)
And finally, I want to say that the goodsI recommend for purchase, especially to non-professionals, like me)))) I think the pros choose each bait separately, for themselves, but this is quite enough for me. By the way, the price of such wobblers, of the same quality, is in the “hunter” in our city, from 150 to 300 rubles. The benefits of buying a set are obvious! If you have questions, ask :)