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Hi hello members of the forum.
I am writing here the first review, do not kick it, but correct it if that is sloppy.
I decided on the first purchase from China and this jacket was chosen for a pregnant wife.
The jacket was in my hands after 25 days from the moment I left the order on the site.
Bottom line: I recommend to buy.

Came here in this

Normal inconspicuous package)
Tearing it to pieces in the hope of already seeing that TAAAM saw this
Jacket in the package

And on the other hand
Rear view packaging

I got a jacket and the first thing I liked was the quality of the material, very well, just insanely soft and smooth.
I placed the jacket on the observation table where it actually looked like this
The culprit herself

The color corresponds to the photo on the site at 100%, maybe in the photo someone does not seem so, photographed on the tablet in the absence of any other photographing devices)) about spoken.
Here's another photo inside out
I don’t know whether to invest

I forgot to take a picture from behind, well, in principle, nothing unusual on the site has a photo of everything corresponds.
Buttons on the chest, slightly tight. The first time opening was afraid that I would tear off something, either a material or a button, but nothing happened.
Photos on his wife will later when persuade her to wearshe just started it all up early in the morning right after the night shift, but I didn’t meet the enthusiasm on her part, although she outwardly liked her. As she gets into her, she sfotkayu like on the body.
Wife size chest 100cm rukov 60 cm shoulders 45cm
Name is Nyushaaaa