A small review of the city backpack Xiaomi 20 liters. Nirazu is not tactical, but very comfortable

Today I will tell about one of their useful purchase.
City backpack Xiaomi 20 liters.
In my opinion this is the most optimal size for a backpack. And not very small, and not very large. It fully accommodates a laptop, a bunch of little things and, if necessary, you can even throw products.

I have been using the backpack for the second month already, and I am completely satisfied with the purchase.
Frankly, even if there was no Xiaomi nameplate on this backpack, I would also wear it. Because for me personally, this backpack was very convenient.
But first things first.
The backpack was ordered on one of the sales. The price was $ 19.99

Now a little cheaper.
From the store a backpack arrived in the package.

I ordered the blue color. I like it more than black or gray. In fact, he received the color blue with a dark blue mesh:

On the backpack there is a label with Chinese characters:

The appearance of the backpack unremarkable. No bright elements. Regular backpack for daily use. And it is even good. The simpler the better:

The backpack has a main department for large items, two side pockets for small items or bottles, and another pocket with a zipper for things like wallets, phones, keys, etc.
All pockets close with zippers. Each slider has a pendant with the MI logo:

Do you know that Xiaomi even specializes in the production of silica gel under its own brand?

So I did not know until I received my backpack.
The size of the backpack is about 45x36cm:

The size of the outer pocket 26 cm wide:

The depth of the main section is about 40cm:

There is a pocket for laptops. Its width is 25cm:

More details.
Carrying handle:


Side pockets:

In general, I can not fail to note the very excellent quality of tailoring. There is no sticking anywhere. The seams are smooth and it is clear that quality.
The material itself backpack synthetics. Several times it fell into the rain with a backpack. I can definitely say that it does not get wet.
In everyday wear, I often wear a backpack onone strap. When it is full, I put on the second strap. I like that there are no extra straps, lap straps, etc. Here they are definitely not needed. Basically, the backpack is used to carry all my junk from home to the car, and then from the car to work. Sometimes, of course, I walk, and then the backpack is used to its fullest. But, for example, it takes me 15-20 minutes to walk from home to work. At this time, I don’t need a lot of survival stuff, and therefore all sorts of mega-friendly anatomical inserts on this backpack for me is also just an extra stray that increases the price.
Since I use the backpack really every day, I’ll show what I usually have in my backpack:

Laptop 15.6 inches, laptop charging, organization stamp, purse, mouse, 3-5 flash drives, a pack of chewing gum, a case with an Xduoo X3II player and headphones, a book with the rights and documents on the car, a Xiaomi Mi5 phone, keys to an apartment. Still usually there are car keys, but at the time of photographing the car was in service and the USB-Type-C cord, but he refused to be photographed, arguing that it was not photogenic.

So, all this is easily placed in a backpack, and there is still a place:

At the same time the backpack does not look full and crowded.

And all you need is always with you.
I am completely satisfied with the backpack. In my opinion, this is a great option for the city, not intended for hiking in the mountains or bike riding backpack. For other scenarios, I have other backpacks. And here it is a simple inconspicuous and not very large backpack, which has become a convenient assistant for me. All I need during the day he puts in himself. Convenient to carry and does not take up much space. Damn, the review turned out to be laudatory. But I am really pleased with the purchase. Therefore, I can recommend this backpack to those who also suit the same usage scenario as mine. But for rock climbers, cyclists, car riders and other extremal tactics, I recommend buying backpacks in rafting, sport masters or some kind of decathlon (I don't have such a shop in the nearest cities)
That's the whole review. All with Friday and have a nice weekend.