Cheap stereo bluetooth headset

One day, I got enough to buy a child headphones on the phone, constantly and quickly broke off the plug (and the child asked for a bluetooth headset).
Immediately make a reservation, the store does not have a headset for sale, so just a link to the store.
Last year I used BT-3030, then I gave it to someone. It was too lazy to look, I asked a friend who was selling what was on sale. In 10 minutes I received something like email price list (prices are without shipping cost).

The choice stopped on the Samsung TS-650 model, when connected, the phone defines it as the SBH-650

Now on the headset itself.
There are two modifications, with a clip and a pendant on a cord (before ordering it is required to clarify the necessary).
Came in a nice transparent box. By originality 100% will not give, but it is done convincingly. If you drop paranoia, you can take it as the original.

The kit itself is a headset, headphones, charging.
From the minuses immediately note, charging pin. I feel more comfortable and more familiar to usb (and you will not be able to carry with you the charge).
The quality of performance on the 5-, somewhat hlipkovato seems to me, especially the mounting clip on the back side. The weight is very light compared to the BT-3030.
The front panel is aluminum (sort of). On it the volume + + buttons, pick up and hang up, it also activates the operating mode. Operating mode indicator.

From one side, a play-pause button, a pin connector for charging (closed by a retractable lid).

The other side of the track button is forward, the track is back, the headset power button, headphone jack.

Buttons work fine, no complaints. Tests were carried out on three devices (mine, wife and child), Samsung i8000 Omnia II, Samsung SGH-i917 Focus, Philips E210. No problems at all. Charging lasts for 4 hours of continuous listening to music, almost at full volume. Charges from the network about 2 hours.
There is one feature that charges only when it is turned on (the power button on the side).
The quality of sound with the ears that are included is certainly not a Hi-End and is not worth comparing with the ears from recent reviews, and the price category is different. There are no other headphones available, I can not try.
When the battery charge reaches a critical level, it starts to give signals to the headphones, after some periods, the intervals are reduced, after which the headset turns off.

In my opinion, as an inexpensive headset, it has the right to life.
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