Unkillable boots for the price of sandals

Feedback first, do not throw slippers))) I'm the lasttime with the zeal of a maniac ordering any garments from China. Who cares - under the cut one of the last purchases, namely - boots for a little more than 20 bucks.
Let's start with the fact that these boots we haveapproximately 450-500 hryvnia ($ 56-62), in the markets. Of course, for such a price, natural synthetics was waiting for me; it squeaks in my hands, it doesn’t smell like suede leather (and it smells like epoxy, and so that I aired them on the balcony for two days). But I don’t really need leather, I have enough good, “eternal” shoes. The size is weird, undersized. At 36.5 I took 38 and it turned out to be right next to me.

Respect the seller for fast delivery - the package was sent to me on November 18, and on December 3 I already took it from the post office.
Here they are "live"

Today hit exactly one month, as I intenselyI use this shoe. To be honest - pleasantly surprised by impermeability. Boots weathered swimming in the snow-salt slush on the ankle. And they swam there more than once. Feet were dry and warm. Of course, without additional insoles it will be cool in them, but the tiger tab has solved this problem. At the moment - one of your favorite boots.