Overview of bohemian women's shoes made of genuine leather

Hello. My today's review is devoted to women's demi-season footwear - leather boots. Which even a week ago cost $ 68, and today in honor of 11.11 fell.
The package arrived quickly, about two weeks after the order. The package was a white postal bag and duster.

Anther branded, with comfortable ties.

Each shoe has foam inserts that help keep its shape.

Brand Socofy has a fairly advancedthe lineup. All shoes are said to be an amateur, in the bohemian style. But you will not buy such models in shoe mass-markets, only in author's stores. Yes, and a lot of need to look like to choose a model to taste. That is why I love online shopping, sit at home, choose coffee and drink coffee. Here are a couple of models for an example:

I liked the shoes with floral patterns and knitted woolen inserts. Having received them, I was not at all disappointed, the boots looked exactly like in the picture of the store.

The sole of the shoes rubber, but they have a small weight. Wearing shoes do not feel that you are in the shoes.

The sole is stitched neatly and in general all the seams on the shoes are made exactly and efficiently.

Lightning reliable twisted metal.

Woolen inserts, soft. Sewn stitches, why I do not know, maybe for better fixation.

The drawing is very high quality, without marriage.

Shoe size is applied to the insert near the zipper, and not on the sole.

Size chart in the seller's store, veryuncomfortable. When you choose shoes, you rely on your standard size, and then choose the opposite number. The length of the foot in centimeters is missing, but there is a notice from the seller: "Corresponds to the size, take your usual"

I have a foot size of 38 -25 cm in the insole, but Ishe was taught Chinese undersized goods, decided to order size 39, that is, 8 judging by the table. And not lost, the size went perfectly. The insole length in this model is 25 cm. The insole is fixed, made of fabric. The interior of the shoe is decorated with the same fabric.

Having received shoes, the first thing that interested me,are they really leather? For the money that will need to be spent on the purchase of these shoes, it is quite possible to find really leather shoes in our country. Having turned and twisted them in their hands, and not only me, we collectively came to the conclusion that it was skin. First, all the seams out, as is the case in leather products, you can see suede on the seams, which happens on the reverse side of the leather canvas. Secondly, when heated, it smells like burnt skin.

Photo on foot.

According to the results I liked the shoes, nowpick up suitable clothes for them. Look original and not beaten. From the crowd in them you can accurately stand out. In a regular store (mass market) such can not be bought, only in copyright.
That's all, thank you for your attention.