Great Military Crossbody Bag

There have already been reviews of such bags, although with not too flattering reviews, I decided to take a chance. Moreover, there are simply no such bags offline.
Bottom line: happy like a elephant
Despite the fact that slowly but surely, Muska turns into a society of snobs (and not a friendly group of anonymous shopaholics, as it was a year ago), which discourages the desire to write, but I will try again ...

Somehow I became a little his shoulder“Everyday” and I decided to kill twenty raccoons at once: buy a roomy bag for the acquired DSLR and carry it to all sorts of near-field trips out of town with possible postrelushki. Therefore, the basic requirements were: spaciousness, thick-ness, presentable, impermeable. Looking ahead to say that with all the tasks she coped to 5.
Chose a purely green option as the least pretentious

(compared to its predecessor)
I was lucky, and managed to buy this bag on Ali before the congress of the party (and problems with their mail).
Now it is no longer there (as well as the seller himself), but you can find analogues by searching.
Came in two white bags at once (one infriend), but without a pimple. Unfortunately I was crumpled, I had to fill it up with newspapers and let it stand, and I had to stroke the belt at a minimum (synthetic or / and kapron, I don’t know, I don’t understand, but to the iron it was slightly sticky).
The belt was hidden in the main compartment, there were two sticky labels there:

In general, I was struck by the abundance of Velcro "stickies", I do not even know the purpose of many (for example, why it is inside the pockets).
The locks first strummed as jester bells,I had to use improvised means (scrap of a sheet of iron, old lace) to eliminate it. There are options (other colors) immediately with laces but without “reeds” on the locks.
Actually I will not torment, I will pass to the slides:
basic information here

In addition ordered pouch the same color should come the other day as well flask with mounting molly. And it will be a whole shoulder backpack
In general, all kinds of offices, pockets andbag pocket a great many. You can only find fault with the fact that most of them do not close with a zipper, which is bad when you turn the bag over (even if you just put it on its side).
Of course, I strongly recommend the purchase, but first you need to decide whether you really need it?
oh yes, I almost forgot

because the seller has already "blown away", then I looked for analogues for your convenience. Not the fact that it will be 1 to 1, and not a copy of the old drawings, but still.
With modification for the camera:
Well, still over 9000
Something is not added "similar review", put the link here:
ps: and here prompted where ripped off the yellow-faced brothers