K3 HD DVB-T2 Terrestrial Digital TV Receiver

"The Ministry of Communications for two weeks delayed the transition todigital television "- such messages appeared today on news sites. It is expected that from January 14-15, 2019, Russia will completely switch to digital broadcasting, and on-air analog television will be turned off.

Deputy Minister A. Volin stressed that Russians who use analog TV should timely think about buying new TVs or set-top boxes in connection with the transition to digital television broadcasting, because in cities with a population of less than 100 thousand people it will be produced simultaneously.
On the very eve of the new 2018, a full-scale DVB-T2 broadcast was launched in our region from all objects of the digital terrestrial television network.
In this regard, the receiver was purchased (digitalprefix, tuner, set top box) K3 HD DVB-T2. This device receives and converts a digital television signal and has a number of convenient additional functions.

But, before going directly to the story about the purchase, I will try to answer the not yet asked questions.
First of all, why do we need terrestrial digital television (in the form in which it now exists)?
Let's not discuss the qualitative (content) aspect of television, but consider only the quantitative.
Indeed, today everywhere inOnly the RTRS-1 package is available (it’s the first multiplex), consisting of 10 all-Russian mandatory public TV channels and 3 radio channels. Broadcasting of the RTRS-2 package (second multiplex), containing the same number of channels, is now conducted from only four of the nearly seventy repeaters, expansion is expected only at the very end of 2018. There is not even talk about launching the third multiplex.
However, for the city this question until the New Year is notup-to-date: the main channels can be easily and easily caught on an indoor or outdoor antenna. The standard package of the cable television operator (obviously, he will continue his activity) - about 50 analog channels in excellent quality, plus 20 digital channels in the additional package. Internet providers offer a wide variety in both volume and cost of IPTV packages - more than 200 channels in total (on-air channel packages are free of charge). In addition, the main advantage of the above types of television broadcasting over terrestrial digital is that all local TV channels are broadcast on them (operational information about what is happening in the city is important!). According to the deputy minister, “as for regional companies, they will all make decisions for themselves on their own and can broadcast in“ analogue ”as long as they have the money and desire for this.”
But out of town, terrestrial digital television is alreadynow more than relevant. Here, a good mountainous terrestrial signal is hampered by complex mountainous terrain with significant elevation differences, long distances to repeaters and radio interference. Mobile Internet is unstable, wired is missing.
Secondly, why buy a separate set-top box if DVB-T2 decoders are already built into all modern TVs?
Yes it is, but it is still in operation.A lot of old TVs that can work for decades without losing performance and functionality. In addition, during the leapfrog with the choice of the format of digital broadcasting, a significant number of television sets with decoders of the “European”, originally used in our DVB-T standard, which, as we know, are not fully compatible with the current DVB-T2, were sold. And in apartments for a long time already not on one TV, plus in a country house, in the country - they are unlikely to be the last generation.
Thirdly, why buy a receiver in China, if they are full of offline sales?
Indeed, in electronics stores and home appliancestechnicians are widely represented DVB-T2 receivers at about the same prices. In principle, choosing where to buy is, so to say, a matter of taste and your preferences. I, of course, do not insist.

Now - about the purchase.
The receiver comes in a full-fledged retailPacking - a cardboard box of 19.5 x 16.5 x 5.0 cm in size with full color printing. Inside - a cardboard liner-partition, which allows to place and securely fix the enclosed receiver and accessories.
The box contains the main product specifications:

The seller carefully wrapped the box with a cushioning material on all sides, so in the process of sending, neither the box nor its contents were completely damaged.

Package Included:
1. Receiver.
It is a small compact and lightweight plastic box (size 12.5 x 9.0 x 3.0 cm, weight 173 g) in black.

On the top and bottom panels of the case there isa lot of air vents. Choosing a future purchase, I paid attention to the frequent mentioning in the reviews of similar receivers of their strong heating in the process of work. Therefore, I stopped at the model with the highest number of vent holes and placed them on the upper and lower sides of the body for better convection. Whether it helps or not, I don’t know. In the process, the body heats up to 44-45 ° C.

Also on the top panel is a small LED (in the mode of operation it is green and in the sleeping mode it is red).

Segment indicator at the front end in the center(device on / off is displayed as On / OFF, channel number - for example, C001, playback from external media - Usb). At the bottom left, there are physical POWER on / off and CH channel and CH + buttons. The preference of this particular model was also made due to the presence of these buttons: in the event of a malfunction or loss of the remote control, the device can still be used - this is convenient.

Antenna connectors are located on the back endinput for coaxial cable, USB input, HDMI output, and composite RCA output connectors. It should be noted that the connectors are well spaced, so the cables and flash drives do not interfere with each other; connecting and disconnecting them is easy and simple.
Power supply built-in, 100-250 V, 50/60 Hz, power cord with euro plug (no adapter needed), long enough (1 m). In the operating mode, the power consumption is 4.7-5.3 W, in the standby mode - 0.6 W.
2. Remote control.

Simple and convenient. The size is proportional (4.5 x 2.1 x 15.1 cm). The shape is ergonomic, comfortable in the hand. Powered by two batteries (not included).
3. Composite AV cable.
The length is 94 cm, the quality of performance and the expected reliability are very average, but it copes with its tasks.
By the way, the HDMI cable is not included. But this, I think, is not a problem: surely there will be such a cable in the household.
4. Instructions.
The connection is easy: you need to connect the antenna cable to the ANT IN connector of the receiver, and the HDMI or RCA cable to the corresponding connectors of the receiver and the TV.
Setup is simple and intuitive. At the initial stage, it is necessary to choose a language (Russification, by the way, is quite good), a country, and launch an automatic channel search.


The on-screen menu is also easy.

We are testing.
In the first location (city, repeater almostin direct line of sight) a room telescopic antenna (in the folded state) from some old TV was used as an antenna. However, in such greenhouse conditions in general, you can catch on the stripped length of coaxial cable, so it is not an indicator.
But in the second location, for which actuallya receiver was purchased (out-of-town, difficult terrain, very remote from the repeater - almost on the border of the theoretical coverage area), everything is more serious: an external antenna with a signal amplifier, on the mast.
The image and sound, as you would expect from digital television, is of high quality, reception is steady.
Among the additional functions of the receiver, directly related to television broadcasting, I would like to highlight two - recording the air and Timeshift (delayed viewing).
With the first one, you can record an excerpt of a broadcast on external media connected to the USB 2.0 port of the receiver. For example, on a flash drive.
Parameters of the .mts file:

10 minutes of recording weigh 217 MB.
Subsequently, the file can be played both on the receiver itself and on any device with a video player, including a computer, smartphone, etc. However, you can only record the channel you are watching.
The second function allows you to put the broadcast viewpause and resume browsing from the moment you stop. During pause, the image and sound are also recorded on external media connected to the USB port (the buffer size can be edited in the menu).
Parameters of the timeshift.ts file:

In addition, of course, there is a teletext and an annotated program guide (program guide).
Among the functions not directly related toTV, you can note the built-in media player: audio, photo, video, as well as playing your own recordings of the ether. Unfortunately, the media player is not omnivorous: for example, it does not play .mkv, as well as the sound of the AC3 format. Video resolution of more than FullHD also does not lose, however, this was not to be expected. The problem, of course, is easily solved by converting files.
In general, K3 is a simple and convenient receiver of DVB-T2 terrestrial digital television.
Purchase satisfied.
Thanks for attention!