Xiaomi ALPHA XMAS handles. 4pcs in holiday packaging

These pens were bought during the sale.
I made a publication about it:
Xiaomi ALPHA handles. 4pcs in a holiday package for $ 3.24 (price for fans)
And the day before the new year, the pens arrived. Straight New Year's gift from the Chinese. Well, for the new year I was more interesting Xiaomi ALPHA Pens. 4pcs in a festive package for $ 3.24 (price for fans). And today I can tell you about pens.

So, Xiaomi ALPHA XMAS pens. 4pcs in holiday packaging.
Such packaging is really not a shame and give. It looks very festive:

Inside the package are 4 pens.

Each has its own letter, and together they form the word XMAS (Christmas in English)
And you can collect other words:

It's a pity there is no fifth pen with the letter "U". Well, okay.
Despite the fact that the pens are red, inside there are gel rods with black paste. In general, as far as I know, all pens produced by KACO come with black paste.
The rod is thin enough:

At the end of the handle button and letter:

For some it will be a minus that there is no clip on the handle. Do not hook on her pocket.
Unassembled handle:

Body material plastic. It is slightly matte, it was the same with other pens from Kaco. Here is a comparison with Xiaomi ALPHA. 4pcs in a festive package for $ 3.24 (price for fans) which I reviewed earlier:

Handles are almost the same.
Handle size 14.5cm:

In the hands of the handle sits very comfortable. It is moderately thick, and due to the matte coating almost does not slip:

As for the writing process itself, everything is fine with the pen.
The processing of the tip of the rod is gorgeous, the handle goes very smoothly and smoothly. The gel comes out evenly. Excess does not follow and passes does not.
Writing such pens is very nice. Therefore, I can safely recommend to purchase.
Therefore, by the way, I myself buy Kaco pens for sales. The quality of handles purchased offline is worse. It will be clear only if you compare.
For the last six months, for example, I have been writing with Kaco pens only. And completely satisfied.
Demonstration of how a pen writes (forgive the curve handwriting, but what is, and write):

By the way, to the one who first writes the title of the work and the author, I promise, I will send a Kaco pen as a gift.
On this and the whole small review. All good. All the new 2019 year!