SA-9 Flashlight 250 Lumens 7W CREE Q5

The description of the same flashlight was already there, I decided to share my experience. This is my first review, because the flight of slippers in my direction is welcome.
Flashlight came with a bonus that you can immediatelythrow out, namely the cover, which is made the best basements of the Chinese industry. Also included were two 18650 batteries and a charger for them with an adapter for our swami sockets (there is no wiki euro socket).

full set

While the batteries were charging, the flashlight wasdisassembled and inspected. All connections have sealing rings, and even it seems that they were once touched by a lubricant, in any case, it was found on the zoom mechanism.
The diode was firmly seated in its aluminum lodge; I decided not to make any special attempts to get it from there.
Diode mount

After the batteries were charged,I tried to turn on the flashlight, I really did not get it right away. I’m used to being a spring to a minus, and this habit can’t be broken, it can only be such a flashlight, as it is pleasantly weighted and if you wish, you can try to break something. It seems that the seller was doing this before sending me this copy, since near the power button there is a trail from the impact, apparently it was a flashlight from the crash test. The light turned out to be unexpected, on the one hand I liked it, strong, directed, which was exactly what I wanted, but it was purple and it upset me a little. Seeing my daddy's toy, his son quickly whistled and ran for about 10 minutes. When I got the flashlight back, I noticed that it was barely warm, i.e. either it distributes the heat well over the metal case or the diode does not give up its heat to the metal very well. Then the flashlight was again partially disassembled for current measurements and comparisons with the characteristics of the flashlight from the kupo review.
My copy
Standard - 0.5A
Economy - 0.1A
On this and everything, perhaps another would have been bought.flashlight, I find this site before, but I am very pleased with this purchase, even though it cost me $ 20 ($ 14 flashlight + $ 6 two batteries with charging), although the light has a purple hue, but the joy of the son running and hiding a ray of light or trying to bite into a joke the dust that becomes visible when the zoom is in complete darkness, more expensive than any money :)
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