“SONY VTC6” or how Chinese sellers fool buyers

I saw a comrade on Aliekspress Sony VTC6 batteries, we decided to try. The part went to a friend, and I ordered four things for myself to conduct tests.
In general, everything is sad, more in the review.
People often ask me where to buybatteries on Aliexpress. Strangely enough, but probably offline, but in an attempt to save money, people still go to Ali and buy there. So we did that time, and the reviews about the product were normal, and the price was higher ($ 12.84), which, together with the statement of originality, gave a small chance - what if.

Ordered, received, I have my 4 pieces, and my friend 12.
There are no complaints about the packaging, neat, reliable.

There is a marking, and the overall performance is pretty neat. At first glance, there are no complaints.

Judging by the information from the datasheet and battery marking, they are made:
Y - 2016 (by the way, Z is 2017, then it turns out that the letters should go first - ABC)
E - May
14 is the day of the month.

Dimensions, weight of the heaviest and lightest of four pieces.

By the way, by weight, one battery no longer passes, in the datasheet 46.6 ± 1.5g, 44.6 is already -2g.

Well, as usual, the first run in the universal charger, especially since the discharge current is close to the test 0.6C and is 0.5 A instead of 0.6.
Yes, somehow even quite unexpectedly. Of course, I know that they sell clones, fakes, but in order to be so impudent ... But the seller claims 3000 mAh and Original Japan.

The second thing I decided to check is internalthe resistance of the battery, for this again refer to the datasheet, where 8-18 mW indicated. By the way, my VTC4, which is more than two years old, has a resistance of about 13-14 mΩ.

We connect the device and see at least approximately the same, but clearly overestimated resistance, and this means that it is better not to ask the promised 30 Amps from them, since this is fraught with increased heating.

Now I tried to take a closer look.marking, or rather not even consider, and compare with the original VTC4. By the way, I usually bought the originals in Herbest, for all the time I got one fake, but after my appeal it was removed from sales and then it was replaced with the original.
It can be seen that the font is larger and blurred. At the top of the original, on almost all symbols one can consider a “dotted” structure.

A slightly different angle and light.

We connect the battery to the electronic load, in this case using a full four-wire connection.

Since the batteries are suspicious, I decided to confine myself to a current of 10 Amps, although the VTC6 declares its capacity for a current of 15 Amps.

But first, let's drive a couple of pieces with current 0.2C or 600mA.
Battery number 3 gave a total of the discharge to 2.5 Volts 2185 mAh or 8.025 Wh.

The fourth gave a total less - 2129mAh or 7.814 Wh

The first battery with a current of 10 Amps gave 2141 mAh or 7.072Wh

The second for the same 10 Amps gave about the same - 2120 mAh or 7.035 Wh.

At a voltage of 3 Volts and a current of 10 Amps, the temperature was 65 degrees, at the very end of the discharge, already at a voltage of 2.5 Volts it was already 68 degrees.

In this case, the original VTC6 in a similar test gave out almost 3 Ah, which is noticeably more than the 2700 mAh minimum stated in the datasheet.

And although they warmed up to the same temperature, they did it for almost one and a half times as much time, which indicates the best performance.

That's all for it.
Judging by the capacity, font marking,resistance, batteries are clearly not VTC4. But at the same time, the resistance is one and a half times higher than normal, and the capacity is one and a half times lower and I find it difficult to say what kind of batteries they are.
Of course you can use them, but I would look for something better.
In addition, the weight of the batteries is on the bottom of the datasheet, and they are a little longer and thicker than the original VTC4, which is also a bit strange.
I wrote to the Chinese, they say your batteries are fake and do not correspond to the characteristics. In response, he received an epic one - the batteries are cool, use normally. I think what to do with it further.
I hope that the review was useful and you do not accidentally buy this VTC6 mass-dimensional mockup.