LED spots 60 watts. Professional light. Soviet Chinese.

Actually, I do not have confidence that it will be useful to someone from those present, but let it be. It is necessary to dilute this endless stream of household goods. )
Briefly explain to the ignorant that this and forwhat you need. Did you watch filmstrips in childhood? Well, this is about the same samé, only it, in addition to displaying various pictures, can also spin in different directions.


Heads come in such box here.

Depreciation material at least, and throw themmercilessly, so the corps more than once came split. But it's not scary, bo: firstly, it's just an external plastic, and secondly, this plastic is perfectly glued with dichloroethane.

Complete set: a head, a muddy manual on the Chinese aglitsky, a bracket from the best grades of the Chinese iron, a network cable and a cable of management.
Snooty picture

Three-quarter photo.

We undress apparatus.
Somehow he straggled the rhinestone.

The head device is an ordinary filmoscope.

Those two wheels that we are responsible for
pictures and colors.

Heatsink with a fan (the wire crushed during assembly is marked in red).
Snooty picture

A LED with a lens (thermal grease is not always present, the lens is distanced from the LED by the gently beloved Chinese cardboard shaybochki under the screws attaching the lens).
Snooty picture

Snooty picture

Sensors (hall), the initial position of the wheels (connectors inserted somehow).

Sensor (all the same hall) initial positiontilt of the head (loose wires, on which the drive belt crawls, if you pay attention, the wires are soldered not to the contact pads of the board, but directly onto the legs of the sensor).
Snooty picture

The sensor is the initial position of the head rotation (pan). Normal mechanical switch, no frills.

Gobo wheel. Particularly impressive are the conical heads, which the thin metal of the wheel cannot really hold.
Loose screws.

Unprotected wires rubbing against metal.

Climb into the brains of the head. She is not in her head at all. And in ... kagbe say it ... at the bottom.
The controller, four drivers of stepping motors and different trifles.

On the other hand. All connectors are signed, you will not get lost.

Well, to the question of the six-diode LED.


I think you can calculate its power yourself. ))
+ inexpensive
+ bright
+ primitive, so it would seem that there is nothing to break, but
- there are some management shoals, it doesn't work as smoothly as I would like
- not 60 watts
- initially time bombs that definitely remind of themselves
In general, it is such a semi-finished product, which forlong and trouble-free operation, you must first disassemble all, stretch all the screws, change some to normal ones, shift and fasten the wires, check the connectors and the presence of thermal paste under the LED.
In the last batch, I generally had one head came with fans with wires tangled in the connectors, but already with a 60 watt LED. )
Seller advantages: sociable, responds to both the site and through vatsap. If there are any problems, always ready to send spare parts for replacement under the "warranty" (until the order is closed) at my own expense and, at my expense, replacement parts according to the results of operation.
Cons of the seller: the output quality control of the goods is missing slightly less than completely.
I still found the domestic electronic equipment. Here with it there was exactly such a parsley. It seems to work, but in order to work normally, it is necessary “to process the file after assembly”. That is, the manufacturer is absolutely not interested in the quality of what he produces. It is incomprehensible to me, but we don’t understand the mysterious Chinese soul for Euro-Asians.
We save all. Bows, tomatoes etc ...
In the work. Club "CityBar" Tver.