LED ultraviolet lamps or what values ​​can achieve Chinese watts in peacetime.

Mounted in a small bowling in his hometown lighting and sound equipment. The customer asked to change the 18 volt fluorescent ultraviolet lamps to LED.
Ran through the sites of suppliers - the warehouses are empty (and you need about 60 pieces). Rustled on Ali - please. Just declared 18 (options - 27 and 36) watts of LED ultraviolet light.

And the price is godly.
Ordered, paid. After 3 weeks received.
Look what we have here: lamp, cord with a switch, two side brackets, small wings for mounting brackets. There is no external control. Stupidly plugged into the outlet, flicked the switch, got the result (we'll return to the result).

There is even a fan in the back, hinting that everything is an adult.

Turn off the side covers. We observe the construction: an aluminum profile-case into which a card with LEDs, plastic reflectors and a heat sink, an external plastic glass is inserted along the guides.

Rear LED driver sheltered. On the board it is clear that the details are desperately saved.

A heat sink, like, nothing like that. With a fan, in principle, it should hold 18 watts normally (especially if a little working current is cleaned up). It’s lazy to count how many square centimeters it should be there. If someone remembers offhand - well in the kament.

Now, gentlemen, stand up and take off your hats. About sad:


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