TrustFire X8 1000Lm

Good evening!
I offer a review of a rather interesting (in my opinion) Flashlight Trustfire X8 — ala small “Sun”.
Anyone who is interested - ask under the "cut". Who is not interested, pass by
As always, "Attenzione: Well, sooo many pictures."
For those who will be too lazy to read, I will say at once - you can take it (if you need a very powerful flashlight).

Because of the large number of photos, they are all thrown under the spoiler
Choosing a good flashlight was a long time ago.Namely, on the hunt. When the duck begins flying closer to sunset / dawn, finding prey is not so easy. It’s hard to find the trouble floor after sunrise, but finding something after sunset (or so) becomes problematic. My friend / hunting partner (who teaches me this difficult matter) before I joined the ranks of the hunters gave me a couple of great tips:
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Also, when walking with a dog in the park at night, carrying a good flashlight does not hurt.
After reviewing the older brothers:
1. Сree Z5
None of the flashlights did not fit my requirements. Therefore, I started a search on the Internet. A little search on the Internet and reading reviews about these or other models, my choice fell on Trustfire x8.
Searching for aliexpress found the seller witha satisfying bundle and a minimal price. The seller actually trades recently (at the time of purchase there were only 29 feedbacks) for this, having bargained a little with him we agreed on a slightly different configuration (what I got can be seen from the photo a little later, but what The seller sold (initially) by buying a screenshot).
Purchase screenshot:
What the Chinese seller was selling

In principle, with this delivery, the flashlight is ready for use. Everything you need for his work here.
Here are the characteristics indicated by the seller:

Of course, you can guess that there can be no 2.5 -6.5 hours vr.r.
The claimed brightness as much as 13,800 lumens (my dear mother ...) also seems fantastic)) Well, nothing. I decided to order.
Having paid and waited for about 20-25 days, the parcel arrived from the Middle Kingdom in sunny Italy. The packaging is standard: a lot of “pimples” and yellow tape everywhere:

So, what we have after the auction:
1. Gift wrapping
2. Flashlight.
3. Rope
5.2 battery Ultrafire.
6.4 battery Trastfaer aki "Spark" (thanks to this site, read here that these ak like nothing ...).
6.2 battery standard AA.
7. Charge.
8. Adapter.
9. There should have been a spare button and a rubber band, but the seller forgot to put them ...
(I confess honestly, it was somehow uncomfortable for me to squeeze a spare button and a rubber band out of the seller. I was not particularly upset about this)
It seems to be a trifle, but as uv. “Toad” is pleasant to the soul, words cannot convey ...
Let's start with a flashlight:
The height of the X8 is 245 mm, the diameter of the head is 46 mm, and the body is 26 mm.
Additional Information

Everything else (batteries and charging). Let's start with the “lights”:
All 18650 batteries with protection.

Charging and adapter:
Standard charging for different types of batteries.
Input: AC 110-240V
Output: 2V-600mA
There is a protective hologram ...
Charging is simple as a door. We insert 2 batteries and insert them into a power outlet.
The red light comes on and we wait.
The green light comes on, can be removed.

Immediately make a reservation that the materials measuring the brightness andthe photos do not go further. For technical reasons I can’t do it (as I didn’t try, my soap box didn’t want to shoot in the dark; there are no devices for measuring brightness either). As it shines, I can’t do it either. I’ll post a photo from other reviews (which I believe convey the real characteristics of the flashlight).
Let's start by measuring the brightness:
This type of LED produces about 1000 lumens + -5%. (And the Chinese seller indicated 13800). Cheated ?! :)))
Video of the flashlight:

Now some photos:

So, let's proceed to disassembly. The whole head is disassembled without any great effort. We reach the liner with the driver and see the following picture.

The flashlight has 5 modes of operation:
Weak light, half power, maximum power, strobe, signal sos.
Modes switch using the button.To switch modes, it is not necessary to press the button completely. Approximately the operating time without losing brightness (at maximum mode) I had 40-45 minutes (c "light"). After 25-30 minutes of continuous work, the "head" of the flashlight warms up to about 30 40g (the temperature in the room is 25-26). For 50-55 minutes the flashlight abruptly loses its power and continues to shine for at least the next hour (didn’t check further).
The first impression of this flashlight I havethere were such "None *** be." I really did not expect that he would shine so far and so brightly. In a dark room, if you turn on the flashlight, it becomes very, very light. As if you turned on several fluorescent lamps.
When going out of town, the range of the beam wasapproximately 80-100 meters. Although the road signs “made their way” at a distance of 200-250 meters they caught and reflected light. I don’t recommend shining such a flashlight in my eyes. There may be consequences. Even a beam of light that does not get into the eyes at a right angle makes you squint.
Another plus of the flashlight is that late in the evening you can beat off such a flashlight. The flashlight is quite weighty, so it can be used as a truncheon
All the characteristics of this flashlight, I brought. My opinion is that it costs $ 34. Another question is, do you need such a powerful flashlight?
P.S. 1000 Lm is really sooo much.
P.P.S. 1000 lumen is a lot of arch :))))))

If you have any questions or comments on the review - I will try to help / answer.
I hope my review will help you with the choice of a flashlight.
With respect.
Photos of the "brains" and the range of the glow are taken from:
led777 at ru
forum lantern.