UrBeats 3, bad sound for expensive.

Hello, do you want to? But I heard about Beatsfor sure, and I wouldn’t say that the popularity of the cool sound, the matter is more in price, and the hype around them, and it was huge, and that Dre knows how to promote the products not worse than rap, which is worth only Eminem, but a talented performer, and here ... in general we read.

Maybe someone did not hear, but in 2014 the companyBeats with their expensive products before competitors bought the dad of such a business, Apple. And in 2018, the apples modestly presented the 3rd version of urBeats with a Lightning connector, without depriving the mini-jack variant, and I’ll tell you about it.
Packaging and packaging.We meet on clothes, and taking in the hands of the package you can wait for a cool sound, the packaging is really excellent, it looks stylish, and the quality is excellent, even the front window is not usually thin like in other boxes, but rather thick.

Behind the information about the headphones, and equipment, on the sides of the brand, and Dr.Dre quotation (From the very first day everything was about sound).

The package includes 3 pairs of ambushures, 2 pairs of ear hooks, waste paper, a sticker, and a silicone case.

The cover is simple without a lock, but high-quality, tight silicone, use more comfortably than with locks, if anyone uses them at all.

The package bundle is excellent, everything is there, and everything is of high quality, of course, the headphone is not so important, but there is an understanding that the package corresponds to the price.
Headphones are available in several colors, I got the classic black and red color.

Silicone cable, good in quality, and dense to the touch, and does not dube in the cold (more than -10 did not check), from the bottom there is a mini jack plug.

The three-button remote, + sound, start / pause, track change, rewind, in the Lightning version you can still take photos with IPhona.

The drops are plastic, but on the back they are covered with silicone, on which the branded b is located, in the same place there are socks for wearing on the neck.

The quality of the ears is even nothing goodthe quality of materials, everything fits tightly, does not falter, and so on with cheap copies, the difference is immediately felt, from what I can only seriously compare with Hifiman, the Beats wins, but we’re not a strong competitor either.
Sound First, about the functions of the headset, the interlocutor is heard well, it is you too, the microphone is not bad, than with the usual inexpensive headset better.

The sound, there will be no revelations, this is the Beats, the top andthe middle ones are sent to the dick, letting the bottom go well, I looked through a lot of reviews on them, where they say it's rap ears, I love this genre, and it doesn't sound very good either, 2Pac, Miyagi, Rick Rows I didn't like them, what they liked about TREP, and some hip-hop, there were songs where they sounded very good, but they were few. The scene is small, the feeling that you are listening in a small room with good equipment, as already mentioned, is not suitable for all tracks.
At hand with what you can compare + - at one priceIt turned out that only Hifiman RE-400, if briefly, the exact opposite, the bass in RE is much smaller, but the top is better with the middle to the head, any vocal is more pleasant to listen to secondly, there were of course tracks that won beats, it is mostly electronic genre where dominates the bass, the RE scene is wider, I liked the second ones more by the sound.

This is probably all I can say about the sound,messy, but in this category is bad, if briefly this is not a bad sound in general, it is bad for its price, they play at the level of ears for $ 20-25. It is also worth mentioning soundproofing, I especially do not need plugs, but I really don’t hear the surroundings at all.
Video version of the review

The result: How the bits are praised, so they are hait, rightlet's say in the circle of music lovers, and especially audiophiles, this brand does not enjoy popularity, and there is a reason for me, they produce bits not bad bass headphones, but they are not good with what ears, packaging, equipment, appearance, workmanship, sit comfortably in your ears, everyone is good, it comes to sound, and for $ 50 you can remember a lot of headphones better, but the brand will not be so eminent and recognizable, but it will be pleasant to listen not only to a certain genre. Of course, you decide, but if it is the sound that is important in the search, search, and most importantly, listen to something else.
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