FullHD Video Recorder with GPS

Briefly: a good DVR, perfectly writes FullHD video, writes a log of GPS coordinates. Video quality: 5, usability: 4-, store: 5.
I asked myself half a year ago to buyvideo recorder. The last doubts about his necessity disappeared after a “auto-killer” cut his wife, who decided to make a U-turn, started from the curb, and forgot to look in the mirror.

Immediately I chose FullHD + H.264. I also wanted with GPS, so that the speed and coordinates could later be watched. I bought this DVR for $ 142, after the New Year (Chinese) the registrar went up to $ 153. Removes well, better not yet seen. The image is not particularly trembling on the bumps, car numbers are visible during the day, at night you can see if you turn off the lights (your own). Compared with other DVRs, which is simpler, the quality is noticeably better - the picture is not smeared, the colors are clearer, the details are better visible. There are no frame passes in FullHD (I bought a Class 10 card).
TTX - in the picture.
Full size picture

The seller (Steven Wu) is a very sociable and competent guy - he worked every day, including in the Chinese Vacations - he specifically wrote congratulations to him and he answered
He promised me a discount next time. Recommend.
Seller's site

As a gift sent HDMI-cable. I thought that they would send a stub of 30cm, and sent a five-meter thick, excellent cable (HDMI-miniHDMI).
Cable picture

Of the minuses:
- bad attachment: if you constantly remove and remove from the car, it will quickly break down - on the recorder itself, the mount is made of not very strong plastic.
- does not show the speed on the video (could make the option disabled).
- the recording does not turn on when the power appears (although the instructions and the seller’s website stated the opposite), you have to press manually, which is not very convenient - the start button on the passenger side.
Went 25 days, managed to order before the Chinese Newyear, otherwise still would have waited. He came in a box rewound with tape, inside another box, also rewound with tape, and inside it was the death of the registrar himself in his box, the box was still wrapped in a film with pimples. Amount of packaging pleased - usually comes in a soft package. Included is a cable for PC (miniUSB), “tulips”, a GPS antenna (external), a long (about 3m) car charger from an autorocket and a CD with software for viewing.

In high resolution

Link to instructions

I summarize: the recorder is good, but if you do not need GPS, you can search for cheaper.
Examples of video can be searched on the Internet, and here is an example of mine:
An example of a boring night video without sound