Card holder / cardholder

On the review of a small business card.
This is the case when it is already inconvenient to wear an amount in your wallet, but you need to always be at hand.
The choice fell on this model because of the appearance and compactness. The seller is presented in different colors, but took a lilac (the color is noticeable in the bag)

Briefly about the delivery, as usual, flew to Vladivostok in 3 weeks.
It is packaged simply in a foil bag and in a small postal bag. Nothing interesting.
As the seller said that is made of genuine leather, but in fact, rather eco-leather.

Closes the button; pockets (13 pieces) for cards also made of leather, taped well, designed for no more than 15 cards.
Stitched gently, the seams are smooth.

By the size of something like this:

And the full one looks like this:

According to the results:
compact, comfortable - that was what was needed.
Another seller put a small gift. - red thread with a bead. Trifle, but nice!