Xiaomi card holder

In principle, the title speaks for itself. And nevertheless, anticipating the wave of reviews on p. 18 of this work of Chinese thought, I decided to gash a small review on a completely unhelpful confusion.
I stumbled upon this miracle in muskinchannel cable mysku_discounts. To my misfortune, there were 10 bucks on the map, which, without thinking of anything better, I decided to spend on this cardholder (business card holder, card storage) I went to this picture from the order page

Beautiful and functional. Is not it? But this will never work !!! Personally, I was hoping for some kind of separate guides for each card, so that when opening they would come out so beautifully. Figushki !!! He pushed the button, the tray popped up, took out the whole pile of cards, chose the right one, stuffed the rest back. Harsh reality ((
The order was made on September 13 at 13-23. What should have alerted me))) Are there too many numbers 13 ??? And already 24.09 the package was in the post office. I would say, very quickly for a parcel from China. Apparently the seller himself was glad to get rid of this miracle. By the way, there is no longer for sale))) He put a couple of candles to the Chinese god of commerce in no other way;).
The package was an ordinary yellow package.
Photo missing
Inside we are greeted by a white cardboard box withprinting, which is another white box, which is, again, a white bag, which was the hero of the occasion

At the end of the box there are some inscriptions in basurmansky, and the numbers, which apparently indicate the date of production

Directly the very stupid

In the clear. The technological opening serves probably for more convenient withdrawal of cards

On the "front" end there is an inscription (assume) manufacturer. Which is consonant with the Xiaomi MI line. Which (Xiaomi), in turn (again I assume), ordered the production of this cardholder

On the other hand, again something in Basurmansky and sending to the manufacturer’s website

The “front” end is folded back for easy access to the contents. Fixed on two magnets

Opening mechanism.
Absolutely stupid photos, and you will not see anything there

Inside there are 8 cards (discount), on the order page there are 6, apparently “nominal” with embossed stamp

Body material ... here I find it difficult to sayto be honest. It seems like plastic, and it looks like something metallic (aluminum or alloy). It seems like light but hard and sound and when you tap it is not some kind of "plastic". But still, I tend to plastic. Quote from the seller's page "Material: alloy + ABS + PC case inside box" I personally did not bring clarity.
Dimensions 109.1 × 65.7 × 11.5 mm. Weight: 70.4 g
RFID protection is not claimed, which again points to a plastic material.
Now, when all the performance characteristics are told and shown, it is possible to speculate ... to whom, why and for what IT can be useful.
Credit card storage - no protection. People who have 6 (!!!) payment cards will probably not keep them in some nondescript plastic box. Here all the same, a more expensive, leather wallet is more appropriate.
Discount cards, well, 8 pieces seem to be not enough, probably each one has more. Yes, and applications on the smartphone is much more convenient than carrying the whole pile in the wallet and rummaging around in the search for the right one.
Card holder - well, here all the same again come to mind something leather or gilded.
Summarizing all of the above, in the bottom line we have an absolutely unnecessary thing for an inadequate price. And yes, Xiaomi is not written there either.