Funnel for cleaning the windshield from ice and snow. Nanotechnology in business, goodbye scraper

It happens. Somewhere in the discussion in the comments give a link to any product, and you understand: we must take!
So I came across this funnel in one of the comments. I do not even remember where and in what review. But I liked the idea.
In our climate is harsh, the problem is with sweaty andice-covered glasses are very relevant. Every year my scrapers scratch to zero and break (and not the cheapest scrapers). For the sake of the experiment, I decided to take this simple piece. And here is a miracle. It really works. Therefore, doing a shop on the couch, and you sit down and read.

So, the funnel to clean the windows of the car. It seems like there is nothing to tell about this, it is not a complicated device. But I'll try.
I'll start with the selection process. I did not make any special choice of seller, I ordered almost from the first seller. But note that these funnels are of two kinds. Small about 7.5cm in diameter, and such as mine, about 14cm.
Took in green, the color of my car. True funnel noticeably more light green than the car. We'll have to change the car in the future to the color of this funnel. But it is in the future ...
About delivery: delivery was fast enough.
At the post office I received an envelope inside which the form of the goods was clearly visible:

And no, this is another package. About such an administration, mysku is not allowed to tell and write reviews ...
Here is:

The usual funnel:


The most common piece of plastic. I am almost through the same funnel in the bottle compote pour. But here nanotechnology to clean the glass.
I think that the whole secret is in these incomprehensible points inside the funnel:

Although perhaps this is just a shoal of production. And I'm trying to pull a sensation out of my finger.
Well, now to use.
We periodically in the morning on the machines settlesvery tight frost. And in order for him to get off, you need to warm the car for a very long time. Especially since my WV Sharan is large in itself and warms up long enough if the temperature on the street is below -15s.

Therefore, much faster while the car is heated all the frost from the glass to scrape off.
And so I honestly was a bit skeptical while waiting for the parcel. But when I tried, I was surprised. IT IS WORKING! Yes, it really works.

Of course, a miracle does not occur, in any case, some effort is required. But the funnel is comfortable enough to hold, and it really clears the frost:

With a large curved windshield also no problems:

And also big ice pieces fly off with a bang,that appear when the snow falls on the heated windshield, then melts, and then this water freezes. The usual scraper copes with them much worse, but the funnel removes very quickly.
And to compare the working area of ​​a conventional scraper and a funnel:

It is seen that the funnel trail is one and a half times wider. And that means she cleans faster.
Another case when a cheap thing turns out to be quite useful.
If you buy yourself the same funnel, immediatelythink where to hide it in the car. This product has one not obvious minus. Since in my car she lies in plain sight, everyone who gets into the car considers it her duty to ask what it is. I'm already tired of telling. I say already that it is just a spare part from the car.
For the rest, I'm completely happy with the purchase. Cleans, comfortable, worth a penny. Already ordered two others. One in the car to his father, and the second in smaller sizes, for comparison.
That's all. I wish you all good. Take care of your cars, love them and buy more nishtyachki more often.