Wholsale, 925 Sterling Silver Fashion Jewelry, Bangle, Penoyjewelry B206

I already ordered my wife earrings and a necklace. After that, she found me a link to Aliexpress for a bracelet, made in the same style as the previously purchased jewelry. Had to order.
The seller got neochen lucky, he left me the track number, I didn’t want to answer me. As a result, the bracelet came, but the negative residue remained.

They sent a bracelet in a regular envelope, pasted over with a pimple on the inside. There was a familiar box inside the envelope (a necklace was sent in a similar box).

Inside the box in two (!!!) plastic bags on a piece of foam rubber was a bracelet

We take everything out of the package.

The bracelet is made of materials one to one, like a necklace. Even the sample is in the same place.

View of the female hand:

Now the whole set - necklace, bracelet, earrings.

If all this wear, it looks very good.
Pros and cons will not write, since they coincide with the previous review.
Conclusion: I advise you to buy, especially if there is something from the previous review