Women’s swimwear - women's swimsuit

Hello! I offer you a review of women's swimsuit.
I got it from the stock for 7.8 USD, for this price it is acceptable, but for the full price of 16 USD as now, I am not sure ...
Details below:
Oh, again. I am writing this review also from vacation, like the previous review of my daughter’s swimsuit ...

When ordering, the color was indicated as “yellow”, size “XXL”. Parcel arrived in the form of a standard gray package Inside which is the hero of the review in another transparent packageWith the size of the wife a little overdone, it was possible to order a size smaller, but having the experience of buying Chinese goods, we decided to play it safe and order “for growth”
The quality of the product is good at first glance. There is nothing special to write about swimming trunks, standard swimming trunks with strings terminated in plastic black beads. Bra with “bones” and paralon inserts to increase the volume of “content” placed inside:The highlight of this swimsuit is the straps decorated with plastic beads of different shapes and colors:Below the photo on the "object" (especially for those who only for this and reads this post)For the rest, who are really interested in a swimsuit, I’ll inform you of the size of the model in the photo:
chest - 95 cm;
under the breast - 75 cm;
waist - 72 cm;
thighs - 98 cm
It would seem that all is well, but no. Here is what happened to the metal parts of the swimsuit a week after use:
So as soon as the vacation ends, changes in the life of this swimsuit are coming: all metal parts will be removed and plastic analogues installed.
Buy or not can not say, decide for yourself.
Good luck !!!