Yuandao W25 - Chinese long-playing player with flac support!

I can not resist not to write a review of this player. Be sure to go and read ...
Prompted me to purchase a person's commentone of the topics on our dear Muska. I did not find this mp3 player in online stores, I had a chance to search on Ali. Found only 2 options, chose the one that is cheaper. Next, by asking for free delivery to Ukraine (and of course applying a coupon of $ 25-5), I moved to the waiting sect. I want to clarify right away, there are several models in this package (Yuandao w25, Window w25, Road w25, Window x2), some of them are equipped with a fm receiver and memory capacity from 2 to 8 GB.


For 9 days by mail Hong Kong player came to me! (it was yesterday)
Of the three options, I chose a black player,He came in a set with a usb cable, white headphones and a gift (1A, 5 V charger, for Ipad). The charger with the headphones immediately flew into the bedside table.
Photo player (Yuandao-W25 - 4gb):

Cool sound (my opinion)
RK nano chip (FLAC support)
30 hours of play (FLAC about 25 hours)
Large volume reserve
Fast file transfer
Russian language in the menu
Tag support in Russian
High-quality assembly
Weight 30-35g
Low price
Terribly inconvenient control (four-way button with the central - "Play" in the center)
Inconvenient menu (you can get used to)
No memory card slot
The lack of updated firmware on the network (I found a pair, but under the version with FM radio, on the off site forum, a couple of people have already ruined players like mine)
Glossy-plastic case (on the second day I managed to scratch)
The plug from my headphones does not sit very tightly (the standard plug came in much better)
When you turn on the dimming of the backlight in the headphones, you hear a lightning-like sound from afar resembling "Fuh" (the owner of Window w25 with FM does not observe this effect)
If the minuses are not critical for you and there is no possibility to buy a Sansa clip +, take it! For $ 20 is better not to find.
Need a radio? Pay attention to the model Window W25, but the price is about $ 5 more!