Order a netbook from China, or “you shouldn’t take non-titles”.

My father needed a netbook / laptop, sincehis tablet Onda Vi10 Elite was already obsolete and did not fit its needs. Apparently, being impressed by the cheapness and even the quality of Chinese products, he asked me to order a netbook from China.

What came of it, you can look under the cut.
Another review, apparently, the same netbook
Actually, all excuses and attempts to convince the fatherthat it was better then to order a more or less normal netbook with ComputerUniverse not to roll, I had to search in China. Of all the proposals, the most adequate was this, because here:
1. It is quite good Atom.
2. Two gigabytes of RAM.
3. A good hard disk of 250 gigabytes. (A big plus was to this lot when buying)
4. Not a small screen (thanks to which it can no longer be called a netbook)
5. 3500 mAh battery. (Of course, it wasn’t too much like the truth, but I wanted to believe)
6. Free shipping by EMS.
All har-ki

Well, it was decided to order this lot.
Paid on the eighth of September, expelled - about the twelfth. Dali track, which was really EMC.
After a lot of track number eighteenththe numbers, I found that the parcel was delivered back to Guangzhou. After writing a bit angry message saying that you slipped the left track or something like that (honestly, I don’t remember exactly what I wrote (the old account on Ali was lost along with the order)), I received the answer that they had there in the mail problems with the expulsion of the parcels that contain batteries, and said that they would have to look for some other mail to be sent and they would ditch, it turns out, twice the amount of money for delivery. I had nothing to do but wait.
As a result, they sent a netbook with Singapore mail. The manager asked me if I got it, but because he was still on import in Moscow, had to answer that no. In response, a message was received, they say, well, thanks for the reply, if anything - write. Even pleased with such care
Still, I got a netbook.
I got to almost a box, which was unpacked immediately upon receipt by mail, for the sake of verification.
Photos already at home:

The netbook box itself was crumpled, but not very much.

Very, very pleased MacBook with the inscription "Note book" on the back

The contents of the netbook itself, in fact, was wrapped in nothing. Netbook in weak reliability bag (or do not know how to call it).

Included was a battery, a charger, an empty warranty card and a DRIVER DISK for a device with no drive at all!

The charger has the following parameters:

Plugs are ordinary (if anyone is interested, added their photo to the spoiler)
Photos of plugs

Stickers on the battery say about 7.4v and 3500 mAh. In fact, a netbook (if you can call it with its size) lives only an hour and a half, in contrast to the stated 2-4 hours.
There is also some kind of instruction. Well, the guarantee.

Well, now, probably, let's move on to a more detailed examination.

For a netbook, it is really big, and then I will call it a laptop.
Taak ... Already on the front sticker you can see discrepancies with the description - GMA 3150 is declared, but in fact - GMA 3600.

The keyboard has a good coverage, in fact, ordinary for most laptops.

By the way, I asked the seller about the Russian letters, but they, apparently, had something wrong with that. Well, okay, at home the stickers are still there.
The keyboard also has the standard Fn buttons, which are not useful to the father. Is that the on-off wifi.
Off button harshly pressed. There are rubber pads for neatly closing the laptop.

Below there are also four rubber pads, large and elastic. The photo also shows the designation of the RJ45 port.
By the way, I was disappointed that there was only one headphone / microphone port - I would like standard 3.5mm ports, as in ordinary notebooks.
The miniHDMI, USB and headphone ports are interestingly closed and opened.

The camera looks ordinary. (By the way, the camera does not look like 1.3mp, here it is 0.3m ordinary) Skype identifies.

Indicators of the railway and something else are burning bluecolor when working, like the power button. Immediately (the leftmost) is the microphone - what the fuck he does there I don’t know, but you can hear very badly if he is 10 cm from him. Well heard only when you say right into him, which is extremely uncomfortable.

Below are charging indicators and Wi-Fi.

The screen here is nothing special: a bright, quite good viewing angle (the two of you are comfortable to watch). The brightness, by the way, at the level of the brotherly Asus kf52 is almost the same.

I can't say more about the screen.
Having booted into Windows 7, I was pleased with the presence of a Russian translation (!), Of some kind of antivirus and a copy of the drivers on the hard disk, which, by the way, was divided into 4 equal parts.
The processor here is no D425, and D2500, which was also a dual-core. I was surprised.
Then I ran into a problem - the laptop hangs. I sinned on Windows, which I decided to demolish. He demolished, put a lightweight assembly of the same Seven, but the dependents did not disappear anywhere. Then I began to sin on the bar of RAM - I tested it with Memtest, I did not find any errors.
Decided to disassemble the laptop and look atthe insides. Found that the partition was tightened was only five screws, and there should be six of them. Slightly strung the body - inside the screw rolls. Bad collected, it seems.

At the top there is the only easily assembled compartment in which the WaiFay module, hard disk and RAM are located, and the bottom is the battery compartment.
Here is the RAM module itself:

Bottom of the sticker with the name of the board "Kingsun" was hidden ordinary "Kingston". I do not know what to encrypt ...
Having tested the memory, no errors were detected.
Not knowing what to sin, I demolished the Seven again andtried to put in there the good old XP. But it was not there ... About eight very different assemblies just hung on different places of file dumping. Googling, everyone was talking about the bat memory in the bla bla bla bla. And only when the railway completely refused to be formatted, I understood what the problem was.

The hard disk did not have any identifiablemarks. I thought maybe the company was written under the sticker again, but no, it was empty. On the reverse side of the railway there were such inscriptions, but they did not bring any sense.

I wrote to the seller about this issue in a weekHe replied that I could send them to them and they would either change it or repair it. (it was at the beginning of November) But at that time I had already replaced the railway on the laptop with an old 120-gigabyte drive from the deceased Acer 5520G, and I was too lazy to bother with the return sending and correspondence with the Chinese.
Perhaps in vain, but I was really tired at that moment to deal with him, until it came to me that the whole problem was in the hard disk.
Bad sectors when checking with Victoria showed up very, VERY MUCH. It is no wonder that Windows was hanging heavily.
XP I put here, little sense from him - allIt works fast, but there are no drivers for the integrated video card. Again, we had to install the Seven, which is slightly slower, but stable. There was an idea to put here ubuntu, but Dad flatly refused, because she does not understand it and does not need it. Well, okay, the laptop is not mine. Although it would be mine, I would put it exactly.
The laptop has been working for two months now, although I don’t see it and it’s been on the road with my father all the time. When it comes, it happens, I sit with it and read the bash.
Bluetooth works quite well for itself, dumped mp3 files with ThL W3 + onto a laptop. The Wi-Fi is also fine, the home router through the wall and the fridge with the buffet catches well.
By the way, I forgot to mention the touchpad.
He is the simplest here - supports only onetouch In Windows, clicking on it is late for about ~ 1 sec, which is quite long and you have to use two buttons. They are quite loud here and it is inconvenient.
I do not know whether it is worth summing up in the form of a ratio of pluses to minuses, but still.
+ Price.
+ Nice screen.
+ Declared two gigabytes of RAM, albeit with an encrypted real manufacturer.
+ Suitable for paternal needs: sit on the Internet, watch videos from the DVR and just watch movies in not very good quality (maximum - 720p, like).
± Intel Atom D2500 instead of D425. (I do not know where to correlate the discrepancy with the real characteristics).
- Therefore, from ^^ the inability to install drivers for Windows XP (as of November this year).
- Not a working hard disk at all.
- The inaccurate assembly is in fact, the screw that fell into the case, spoiled the whole impression.
- Late touchpad.
My impressions, not dad.
Father is happy with everything - and good. If only he liked the laptop. -)
Separate plus seller. Let him send me a laptop with a hard drive, which you can’t call except govno’m, but didn’t abandon the relationship with the buyer after payment and generally after sending the package.
Now I can summarize - I will never order such electronics again in China, even though it works. Especially nouneyma. Better then order some, but a brand.
Yes, and sometimes you should not look at the cheapness - ok, tablets, they are really good with the Chinese.
Immediately I say - the reason for the lack of screenshots from Windows is the infrequent meeting of the laptop with me - in most cases he rolls around Russia with his father, and comes home for two days.
Kick for all shortcomings, including punctuation and spelling
Thanks in advance, as well as thank you for reading this review!