Screen Replacement for Blackview BV6000

Hello everyone, I decided to "play" the repairman, and replace the screen assembly module with the Blackview BV6000.
As 2016 asked to buy a Blackview BV6000,Smart came, worked well, pleased the owner. But in September of this year I was asked to look smart, in order to get into the water (the phone was periodically heated). It changed the speaker to a new one with a grid of debris.

The owner of the smart initially thought that the screen was fogging and decided to dry it on the battery, but it only got worse.

the screen began to peel off around the perimeter, every day more and more.
When the smart came to me, I googled that the problem was massive, and most likely connected with a swollen battery.
It was decided to keep the security of a smart, and there was an order for a used module with a screen and a new battery.
The module arrived in 2 weeks, the battery waited almost 5 weeks.

New battery

New module

Delaminated screen

Start disassembling
I got a sim card and a flash drive

Carefully unscrew all the screws, they are wearing rubber sealing washers

I remove the side covers

I disconnect the body

Compare microphones

Now plumes from the display

Carefully peel off the old cable from the board and remove it

I tear off the old battery, and measure the thickness

measured the thickness of the new battery

I unstick the cable going from the bottom board, and compare the halves of the cases

Production dates

I remove the bottom board (the cable from the microphone is not carefully disconnected) and also compare

Upper part close up

I throw everything in the new building

I try to turn on, the backlight lights up and everything, there is no image (((
Climbed to the product page to read reviews, have those inwhich screen did not work. I wrote to the seller, he answered that you need to flash the latest firmware. On the smartphone, Android 6 was installed, and the last 7. I had to rearrange the buttons and boards in the old building, tried to update via the OTA update, after downloading there was an error when updating. I tried to install the recommended firmware for new modules with, many versions are put for 90 minutes (due to the low connection speed). As a result, I found a combination of the kernel version and the build number on which the display worked.

There are no glitches with this (frightened by calibration on, the image is clear.

I collected the smartphone completely, glued the protective glass

The smartphone has been transferred to the host today.It works well, the new battery keeps the charge less according to the owner, but this is on version 7 android (it was originally 6 android). The body is now multicolored).
Repair video

That's all, if you have questions, ask, thanks for stopping by)