Samsung D900 Phone Screen Replacement

In short - an inexpensive phone repair, replacing a broken screen on your own, EVERYTHING WORKS !!!
It so happened that every phone II choose it for a long time, for a long time I use it, and I stick to it with all my heart. But it so happened that the Samsung D900 died in the heat of controversy. Cracked the screen. In the beginning, he was still trying to show something, but after a day the screen turned black and only a crack splitting across the screen was visible. The good uncle in the nearest workshop estimated the new screen at 1-1.5 thousand, and the installation work is also around a thousand. For various reasons, it was decided to leave this phone, buy a new one.

But as time passed, I discovered Chinese shops. Aliexpress showed several options, from $ 10. I chose not the cheapest. Lured by the word "original" in the title. And did not lose!
The screen came quickly, packed in cardboardthe box in which the foam box lay, in which the meter (naturally, the meter !!!) of the pimple was hiding, in which the screen lay wrapped in such a soft little thing, I don’t know what this material is called:
A bit muddy photos of packaging

In this photo - the phone is turned on, the screen is black, although it should show “insert SIM”. Visible white crack. And if you look closely, you can see a black (spreading) spot at the top of the screen.
Damaged phone and new part for it

For work, the smallest "cross" bit from a set of screwdrivers was used, and the usual stationery knife. Knife - for picking out rubber plugs.
The order of assembly and disassembly prompted me the Internet. Thanks to this Roman Paulov!
I was very afraid of losing something because of clumsiness, so I spent a lot of time on it. After an hour of disassembly, we can compare the new and old screen:

At lightning speed we assemble a telephone in reverse order, and O MIRACLE !!!

All is ready! Pre-charged battery works, the screen shows! everything is just super!
I do not make a conclusion, because the product is specific. But I can say that if you want and not scary to try, then you have to try! Here are $ 15 and an hour and a half romp returned my favorite phone.
Dare now encouraged!