Sensor replacement on the Prestigio PMT3408-4G tablet

Many people, having bought a tablet like Digma, DNS,Texet, Prestigio (the list can be added to infinity) are faced with the problem of the availability of spare parts, most often - the sensor. The situation is aggravated by a quick change in the lineup of these brands, so to speak. Slightly saved by the OEM-ness of the models and the ability to pick up analogues on the “parent” on the marking of the cable or the “motherboard”.

Under the cut there is a small review of the purchase and replacement of a broken sensor on Prestigio PNT3408 4G.
So, if you / not you (he himself fell) smashed the sensor of this under-brand, and there is a desire to restore the device, you can search for the desired one from the assortment QHD Russia-Vip Store.
Actually there I found the one I needed for minimal money.
The hero of the review is a sensor called ZYD080-64V02 W801, and we will change the broken ZYD080-64V01 W801.
The number “2” denotes a sensor with a logo (in this case Prestigio), and the number “1” denotes a clean face.
The seller requests the labeling of the broken sensor and the need for a logo before shipping.
Delivery time and a half months. The packaging is standard: a box of foam plastic in a yellow scotch, a sticker with the inscription “Fragile” (for the first time I see the way). Inside the box there is a sensor in a protective film and a tape of pimples, Chinese air and a bonus in the form of a protective film.
Photo front.

Photo from behind. It can be seen that the sensor is already prepared for the label.

Logo at the bottom (the quality of performance is so-so, but does not affect the work).

On the facade there is a sticker with some QR code and the date of manufacture (fresh!).

Marking flex cable, I mean the plume. For comparison, the old and the new.

The quality of the sticker on the glass is slightly worse than the original (there is a slight displacement of the contacts).

Actually the process of replacing the photograph makes no sense.
1. Cleaning the frame, degreasing.
2. Fitting the sensor and checking the performance of all sections.
3. Confirmation of the order ("Five stars, well done seller, not yet verified";).
4. Remove the rear films from the sensor.
5. Clean the display from dust.
6. We glue, connect, check again.
In the process of checking (on step 2) it turns out that the owner has forgotten the graphic unlock code (together with the password for the google account).
Factory reset via recovery and FRP reset.
Successful repairs, take care of your touchscreen eggs.