Replacing the fan on the laptop Samsung np350e7c

I do in my spare time for small repairscomputer technology. This time they brought a laptop from np350e7c. The laptop was opened, cleaned and greased the fan, but if the landing bearing is already broken, the lubricant only degrades. During operation, you can hear the blades hitting the metal shell. Fan ordered and received and ready to install. Sunon was ordered (the original is set), but it came ...

Fan arrived in a carton box. Additionally packed in polyethylene.

No complaints, except that the label doesn’t fit SUNON.

Otherwise, there are no complaints. New.

Begin disassembly.
We turn over the laptop and take out the battery, unless of course he is still alive with you. Turn off all the bolts that you find. Marked in red.

We take out a CD-ROM, as well as remove 2 plastic covers that cover the HDD, RAM, and WiFi card.

Remove the HDD, and unscrew a few bolts that hold the halves of the case.

Do not forget to remove the WiFi fee and unfasten the keyboard cable.

Deal with the reverse side. We turn on legs.
we hook up the keyboard with a plastic card of your bank and unfasten the latches.

Smoothly raise the keyboard and display a loop.

We shift the lid on

And unscrew the bolts. Marked circles.

All bolts are better to sort, as they differ in long.

When all the bolts are unscrewed, half the plastic caps using a plastic spatula, a mediator or a bank card.
The motherboard appears. It can be seen fan, and it is sunon. Unscrew the 2 bolts and detach the cables from the motherboard.

Under the motherboard on 3 bolts the fan is fixed. Turn off, get it. Along the way, we change the thermal paste under the cooling elements.

Sizes are identical. Difference stickers.
And here is the reason for the fan's whispering. Large bearing wear on the shaft. there is a vertical backlash as well as a diagonal one. When unwinding, the fan blades scraped through the body.

High-quality fan. But how much time will work will show. During operation, I almost can't hear how it works. The temperature decreased by 7-10 degrees after replacing the fan and replacing the paste.