The secure Vernee V2 Pro smartphone is IP68, NFC is not like everyone else!

Greetings, friends!
Vernee stands out from the competitionthird-tier brands, first of all, with their ambitions and the desire to present smartphones that are not like the others. A prominent representative of this trend was the new model V2 Pro. The smartphone has received an original appearance, a protected case, IP68 protection, an NFC chip, a heart rate sensor and a 6200mah battery with support for fast charging 9V / 2A. At the same time, the device does not look very bulky. Responsible for the work of the system is not the weakest processor MTK Helio P23 with a video accelerator Mali G71MP2, on board 6/64 GB of memory. The display on 6 "has a resolution of 2160 * 1080. Four cameras, the main one has a resolution of 21 megapixels. On paper, the smartphone looks very interesting and unusual, but I will tell you about the real impressions in the review.

- Display: 5.99 inches, 2160 x 1080 pixels screen
- CPU: MT6763 oct 2GHz core
- RAM: 6GB
- Built-in memory: 64 GB
- CPU: MT6763 oct 2GHz core
- system: Android 8.1
- Camera: 21.0MP + 5.0MP rear camera + 13.0MP + 5.0MP dual front camera
- Sensor: control G-sensor, distance sensor, light sensor, electronic compass, gyroscope, geomagnetic, NFC, OTG, fingerprint recognition
- SIM card: dual Nano SIM + dual standby
- Bluetooth: 4.2
Available case colors: black and black with red.

Smartphone Vernee V2 Pro comes in a white cardboard box, which is little remembered.

On the reverse side are the main technical specifications.

Included with the smartphone are:
- power supply (9V, 2A)
- USB type-C cable
- USB / 3.5 Jack adapter
- clip for sim card / memory card
- documentation
I was surprised by the lack of additional protective film in the kit.

The power adapter with euro plug has output characteristics 5 \ 7 \ 9B and 2A or 12V and 1.5A

Smartphone Vernee V2 Pro has an unusual design,although the front panel of the device is not much different from most other smartphones. Already the usual aspect ratio of 18: 9 and 6 "display. The frames at the top and bottom do not say that they are miniature, the sides are average. The device is expectedly too heavy and too big, but it looks neat. In comparison with similar solutions with protected cases, the V2 Pro does not look so huge and clumsy. As for the build quality, no complaints, everything is done perfectly.

The back panel of the device has quiteoriginal appearance, made of plastic. It has a point texture, which improves the grip and can hide possible scratches. Plastic is quite hard, has impact resistant properties.

The smartphone's frame is metal, and the device has rubberized rounded stiffeners in the corners to help keep it intact when dropped.

On the front panel are located: proximity and lighting sensors, a speaker, two front-facing cameras with a flash and an event indicator. The frames on the top and bottom are about 10 mm, on the sides about 3 mm.

A dual camera module with dual LED flash, a fingerprint scanner and a heartbeat sensor are located on the back panel.

On the right side of the face there is a power button and volume rocker.

On the left there is a screenshot button and a SIM / memory card tray.

A separate button under the screenshot itself is already surprising)) But that's not all, the SIM card tray is not standard! To remove it does not need a clip, it is easy to remove a tray with a fingernail.

The tray has a gasket to prevent water from getting inside. IP68 protection is still declared.

The upper edge is empty, do not expect a 3.5 mm jack ... it is not here!

Bottom is located the type-C port under a rubber protective cap, speaker and microphone.

Measured device dimensions: 164.2 * 81 * 13.2 mm

Weight: 264 grams

The Vernee V2 Pro smartphone has received an IPS display with6 inches diagonal and an aspect ratio of 18: 9. The resolution is 2160 * 1080 pixels (HD +) with a pixel density of 403 ppi. The screen occupies 72% of the front panel of the device. On top of the display is covered with 2.5D-glass Corning Gorilla Glass, the truth of which generation, for some reason, the manufacturer is silent.

The display shows a good quality picture.pixel density with a head is enough so that individual pixels are not visible to the human eye. The image is quite a contrast, the picture is juicy. But the maximum brightness in my opinion is a bit lacking, but this is more likely a nagging.

The viewing angles are maximum, there is absolutely no color distortion at the angles.

In direct sunlight, the picture fades, but remains readable.

The display is covered with a 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass with oleophobic coating.

The multitouch test showed 9 touch points of the display. The 10th finger did not want to be perceived in any way.

The Vernee V2 Pro smartphone is runningFresh Android 8.1 Chinese advertising pre-installed software is not detected, files that would be perceived as antivirus viruses - also not. There are a couple of additional applications - to measure the heartbeat and the number of completed steps. In terms of changes to the shell - there are a few of them here, they concern only some menu items in the settings.

All menu items are translated into Russian. Various control gestures are supported.

Use the onscreen buttons to control your smartphone.

There are no firmware updates yet.

Vernee V2 Pro smartphone is responsible for the work64-bit eight-core processor Mediatek Helio P23 (MT6763V), made on 16nm process technology. The processor has 4 cores Cortex A53 with a frequency of 2 GHz, 4 cores Cortex A53 with a frequency of 1.5 GHz. The gadget is installed video accelerator Mali-G71 MP2. The company didn’t save on the amount of internal memory, it’s already installed 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. When you start the device, the user is available in the region of 3.8 GB of RAM and a constant order of 51 GB.

The operating system works very fast, without anylags and slow downs. 6 GB of RAM is enough to simultaneously store a huge number of applications in memory. Because of the MTK processor, the language doesn’t turn to call the smartphone straight game, but everything’s not so bad here: the most demanding toys go without any problems at medium settings. It's about PUBG, World of Tanks Blitz, Asphalt 8. But on the high speeds, specific fps sags are already observed.

With a long game, the smartphone as a whole heats up quite weakly (barely warm), but around the camera the temperature is still palpable 43-44 degrees, 37 in front.

In the Antutu version 7.0.9 test, the Vernee V2 Pro showed a score of 80.653 parrots.

Device HW Info

Geekbench 4 Test

3DMark Test - Sling Shot Extreme

AIDA64 test

Ram benchmark

A1 SD Bench (RAM / ROM test)

Sensor availability test

GPS tested using the Android GPS programTest, as well as in the car using the application Yandex Navigator. Satellite satellites are very fast with a smartphone, and there are also no connections with satellites. Usually the device sees around 20-22 satellites, and connects to 12-14. The smartphone supports both GPS satellites and GLONASS.

There are no complaints about the work in the Yandex navigator application. The location is determined correctly and does not get lost while moving along the road.

There were no questions about the operation of the Wi-fi-module, the signal level in all rooms in all rooms remains at an acceptable level, comparable to other smartphones.

During operation with a network of problems notIt arose, the smartphone keeps the connection confidently both in the underground passages and between the metro stations (where it is possible in principle). There were no spontaneous drops of 4G networks on 3G. The quality of communication is at a normal level. They hear me generally well even on a busy street, work out a microphone for noise cancellation. I have problems with the perception of speech interlocutor problems arise.

There are no complaints about the work of Bluetooth version 4.2. Other smartphone gadgets are found quickly and there are no problems with connecting. File transfer speed is standard for this technology.

Bluetooth headsets and speakers in conjunction with a smartphone work without interruption, the connection is stable.

The smartphone has a sensor of the magnetic field of the Earth, so as a bonus, it will be useful for some users to use a compass.

One of the important functions of this smartphone -availability of NFC module. I live in Belarus, so I cannot fully check his work on my own. We only have the MTBank application through which you can pay for purchases only in certain networks of stores. After reading reviews on the forum, I can say that Google Pay and the Troika card work with V2 Pro without any problems.

All this abundance of technologies is supplemented by the presence of a heartbeat sensor on the back of the device. You just need to lean your finger to a specific area near the camera.

This function is unstable, one time -heart rate error. Yes, and when a smartphone determines the heartbeat - the results are different from the readings of the tonometer by 10-15 beats. In short, for me personally, a useless function.

Smartphone Vernee V2 Pro has just as many as 4 cameras: dual module of the main camera (21 + 5MP) and double module of the front camera (13 + 5MP). As is often the case with the main camera, interpolation with 16 Mp is used. Aperture f / 2.0.

Under ideal shooting conditions, the unit cangive good shots, but I can not say that the results obtained correspond to the value of the smartphone. There are a number of problems: often illuminated sky, in the absence of the sun, the pictures are too dark, sometimes the autofocus is a little dulled. In general, the gadget seems to be bearable, but you can’t call it a camera phone - the level of shooting devices for $ 150.

But when shooting in insufficient conditionslight V2 Pro just merged ... It's just awful: the photos are so full of noise and light, the focus lives its own life and sometimes you have to focus manually. Devices for $ 100 cope with this task clearly better ... Sadness, sadness ... It’s better not to use the camera at all when the sun sets) As for taking pictures under water, the optics there is not working very well, the picture is quite muddy - it’s unlikely to be captured in the depths of the sea something really beautiful.

A normal bokeh effect, a third-tier and $ 250 company is unable to offer: a standard blur around the focus point.

Original photographs can be downloaded here:
The front camera 13 + 5Mp enough for videono problem, with good lighting and a little one can make an acceptable quality. But again, you expect another level of shooting from a $ 250 smartphone: there is not always enough detail, noise is often observed. I don’t see any reason to talk about the bokeh effect on the front-end, it's just a marketing ploy. All the same blurring around ...


As part of the video gadget is ready to offervideos with FullHD resolution (1920 * 1080) with a frequency of 30 fps. The video quality is average, for amateur shooting it is quite suitable, the sound is recorded quite clean - noise reduction works correctly.

The Vernee V2 Pro smartphone has an impressiveThe battery at 6200mah, at least as the manufacturer claims. It is charged with a complete power supply for 5/7/9 V and 2A, or 12V - 1.5A, i.e. at 18W. It took 2 hours 35 minutes to fully charge when using fast charging, which is a very good result. When charging 5V, the tester showed the result of 5984mah.

In the PCMark Work 2.0 Battery Test, the smartphone shows the result: 19 hours and a little.

In the real mode of active use, the apparatus lacks certain full two days of work. If you use the smartphone is not so active, then really live for three days from a single charge.

Fingerprint scanner located on the backpanels. From the point of view of ergonomics, it is in its place, with a finger to grope where it is not necessary there ... In terms of speed of operation, it is not a flagship of course, but quite worthy. The scanner works stably, without failures - with the exception of wet fingers.

Alternative way to unlock the smartphone -Face Unlock. Honestly, I have already seen enough of the implementation of this technology in VKWorld, Bluboo ... hopes that this kind of unlocking will work fine for me. However, it finally happened! On the V2 Pro, the manufacturer has adequately implemented such a function and can really use it! The speed of operation is certainly decently lower than on my OnePlus 6, for example, but it works quite well.

The smartphone has IP68 protection, i.e.
6 - Dustproof - full protection against dust penetration. Provides reliable protection from contact with the person, tools, conductors.
8 - Immersion to a depth of more than 1 m for up to 30 minutes. Protection against water during short-term immersion in water. At the same time the device can work under water up to 30 minutes.
I immersed the smartphone in a tank of water for 10 minutes and “bathed” under the tap.

Tests of the manufacturer on the video

After water procedures, the smartphone continueswork as if nothing had happened. Under the rubber gaskets of the USB port type-C and the SIM-card tray, the water did not penetrate. The speaker also survived the dive without consequences - no wheezing after water procedures appeared.

The external speaker of the smartphone disappointed me. The volume seems to be average, but in terms of quality ... There are no high frequencies, there is no sound volume. Those. There is no pleasure in listening to your favorite songs. Just one thought, to put on the bell some kind of resounding squeaker and that's it.

But the sound in the headphones is like, it is quite onlevel and will suit the majority of users. The only pity is that there is no 3.5 mm jack, so either through the adapter to connect wired ears, or wireless to help you!

- Design (IMHO)
- IP68 + shockproof case
- Work autonomy (6200 mah)
- Fast charging - 9V / 2A (full cycle in 2.5 hours)
- Memory size 6 / 64Gb
- Android 8.1
- Weak body heat
- Face Unlock (finally working fine)
- MTK processor
- Camera
- Dimensions
- Weight
- Sound external speaker
- Lack of 3.5 mm jack
Well, Vernee was able to surprise the wholea series of non-standard solutions, but not all of them were useful. V2 Pro has received an original design that has its own unique recognizable features. I personally liked the texture of the back cover, in operation it showed itself to be very practical. For a protected smartphone, the device looks very nice, which is not true for many of its possible competitors. Tray for SIM cards, which can be opened without a clip, I generally meet for the first time. In this regard, the manufacturer of course well done, useful innovations. But on the part of a separate button under the screenshot ... well, that is ... In my opinion, this is unnecessary, especially since even with an open camera application, the button still functions as a screenshot, and does not serve to release the camera shutter. Although Vernee V2 Pro has tangible dimensions and weight, it still looks and feels more elegant and pleasant in the hand than other secure smartphones that came to me in use.
The manufacturer looked toward Samsung andAdded a heartbeat sensor on the back of the smartphone. I have never thought that this function is useful, but at least none of the Chinese manufacturers have done this before. Perhaps this function would be useful for someone, but the measurement works unstably (one time), and the readings themselves diverge by 10-15 strokes in comparison with a tonometer. In addition to the shockproof case, the device also received IP68 protection. The smartphone without any problems transfers diving into the water and other tests like rolling in sand, mud, etc. After that, the water under the gaskets of the SIM-card tray and the USB port does not leak and the speaker does not wheeze.
Helio P23 processor complete withthe Mali-G71 MP2 video accelerator delivers average performance and allows you to play the most modern toys at medium settings at a normal fps level. The company did not save on the amount of internal memory and installed 6 / 64GB as in modern flagships. During the game, the body practically does not heat up, only the temperature in the area of ​​the chamber rises slightly, and the heating is acceptable. In addition, I was pleased with the latest version of Android 8.1, the interface works smartly and without lags.
For many, the fact of having an NFC module is important. Because I live in Belarus, I can not fully test the work of this technology. However, according to user feedback on the forum, NFC works fine both when paying via Google Pay and when using the Troika card. It is worth noting that not every $ 250 smartphone can boast of having NFC. I expected to see the Face Unlock function as usual non-working ... however, it was surprised and always recognizes the owner. At dusk, your face will be highlighted with the white light of the display and you will still be recognized. I tried to deceive the smartphone with a photo or give it to another person, but all attempts were in vain.
Disappointed with the camera, in the afternoon still pictures looknothing is true, although it is also clearly not a reference camera in this price segment. But in the evening / at night the pictures are just awful ... I hope this problem will at least partially solve with the updates. I would also like to see the real bokeh effect, because the smartphone is not cheap, but alas ... The two cameras in front seem like a joke, because with such a bokeh effect with such blurring it’s just a laugh. The sound from the external speaker is pistonic, although it is much worse. The absence of a 3.5 mm jack certainly saddens me, but I'm already used to using wireless headphones.
After 6 days, the smartphone Vernee V2 Pro in the officialthe store on Aliexpress (link in the review) will be available for $ 237.99. Of course, the device is not ideal and is not so cheap, but if you need first of all a protected gadget with NFC and good battery life, fast charging support and the Face Unlock feature, then it can be considered for purchase, because the competitors also have V2 Pro the market is not so much. In the comments I will be glad to see alternative options from other manufacturers with the presence of the above functions.