Protective “hard” case for iPhone XS from iconflang

Actually the story is simple - the iPhone was bought, andthe cover for it could not be found (at the time of purchase) and an attempt was made to resolve this issue with the help of the Celestial. The description indicates “crystal clear” and “shockproof”. True, by whom "proof", unfortunately, is not specified. A short note about what came out of it - under the cut.

tl; dr: Case as a case, visually makes the phone heavier. # yabble.
Proof that bought for their

I came in a pimply envelope + that's such a cardboard box, for which a separate plus:

Inside matte bag:

Finally the case itself:

More photos from all sides

On the phone:

More photos from all sides

Experience of use:
I did not go. Affect that got used to the phone without a cover for the time that the cover was on. They say that it is worth trying the original covers, but you need to look.
I did not see any kind of security. But a 1-2mm frame for sure appeared around the screen and a finger clings to it when used.
From the pros - you can throw on the table with both the screen up and the screen down - it should scratch less.
All the best and to the new reviews!